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Marketing Channels

This is FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center's collection of free articles on Marketing Channels. A successful lawyer marketing plan involves campaigns in print, email, web, social media and other marketing channels. Each marketing channel has potential benefits for your law firm. Start your research with FindLaw.

Marketing Channels Articles

  • 6 Steps to Building Your First Small Law Firm Website

    If you are just getting around to developing your practice's first web site, welcome to 1998! Actually, it is never too late to get started. A solid and professional web presence is as expected as having a fax machine, or a telephone for that matter. It does not involve rocket science, just a few hours and a few bucks. Here are some (subjective!) steps and considerations to help get you on your way.

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  • How to Ask for a Referral to Your Law Firm

    Referrals are a great source of new business. In fact, other than getting more work from existing clients, they are the best source of new business.

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  • CAN-Spam Summary For Law Marketing

    While unsolicited commercial e-mail is still legal under the this Federal law, you must follow five rules to keep your outbound marketing messages above the board. What follows is a brief summary of the transmission rules.

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  • Turn Technology into a Competitive Marketing Advantage

    The good news is that rainmaking will always require good, old-fashioned human relationships. The better news is that technology offers new tools that make marketing easier, faster, more effective, less expensive, and more.

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  • Use Traffic Reports for SEO and Marketing Success

    For marketers, one of the beauties of the World Wide Web is the ability to evaluate success at a level higher than almost any other type of initiative. Yet, I am continually amazed by how few people take full advantage of this. How often do you look at your law firm's web site traffic report, and how big a role does it play in your ongoing development and strategy?

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  • Using Your Law Firm Website to Enhance Client Services

    Many law firm websites are little more than static brochures providing general information about the firm and attorneys. As Web technology evolves, more firms are enhancing client relationships and attracting new clients via the Web by using their sites to exchange information with clients and potential clients. Firms that are not maximizing their Web presence run the risk of losing existing and potential clients to other law firms that are effectively using new technology.

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  • Use Industrial Strength Law Marketing

    One of the most important points of information that a law firm can put on its Web site is a list of industries it serves. Industry experience is one of the first things that corporate executives and in-house counsel look for. They want to know if your lawyers are familiar with the trends affecting their business, and smart law firms put this information right up front.

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  • Avoid These Horrors of Bad Law Firm Website Design

    This articles addresses some common mistakes that define bad web design.

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  • Finding Your Motivation for Marketing

    Recently, I was speaking with a client who seemed stuck in his marketing efforts. He had a clearly articulated plan for growing his business that he was enthusiastic about. And yet, week after week, he hadn't taken much action to implement the plan.

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  • Top Ten Usability Tips for Your Law Firm Website

    The art of designing a website to create a positive experience for your website visitors is known as "usability." Usability is the glue that holds together Web-based client development - it's after the advertising and the search engine optimization, but before the collateral, client meetings, and retainers. Here are ten tips to improve your Web site usability.

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