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This Recycling System Turns Old Paper Into New, In Your Office

By Casey C. Sullivan, Esq. on December 04, 2015 11:00 AM

There's no need to dump those stacks of old paper into the recycling bin anymore. Instead, throw it into the world's first in-office recycling system and, through the magic of modern science, you'll have a fresh, new, crisp stack of white pages waiting for you in a matter of minutes.

That's right, your trash goes in and three minutes later it's reborn like a phoenix. Is Epson's PaperLab the new must-have in office hardware?

No Need to Haul Recycling to the Curb

The magic of in-house recycling comes from Epson's PaperLab, the first-ever consumer in-office paper recycling machine. Used paper goes in, is broken down into its fibers, cleaned of any ink, writing, or smudges, and reassembled into a new sheet. And it's quick. According to Epson, it takes three minutes from the addition of old paper for new pieces to start coming out. The PaperLab can produce 14 sheets per minute, or almost 7,000 pages in a work day.

And it's earth friendly in more than just a few ways. Besides the recycling, the PaperLab is also water-conscious, requiring only a tiny amount of water to run. That's in stark contrast to normal paper recycling methods which tend to be water-intensive. (If you're really eco-conscious, you might want to invest in some carbon offsets, though. A machine this size is bound to leave a mark on your energy bill and your carbon footprint.)

Who Could Use This Thing?

While the PaperLab may be cool, but it's not exactly something every lawyer is going to run out and pick up. First of all, you just can't get it. Though the PaperLab is scheduled to hit consumer markets in Japan next year, it's currently just a prototype. (If you happen to be in Tokyo, you can check it out at Eco-Products 2015 next week.) Secondly, the thing is massive. At just about eight and half feet long, four feet wide, and six feet tall it's one big piece of hardware. It is an in-house recycling center, after all.

But the PaperLab could find a home in some firms. If your firm is looking to up its green image, PaperLab could be for you. The same goes for firms who want to appear innovative -- in their office hardware, at least.

Finally, if you're a lawyer who goes through a lot of paper but hates waiting around for office deliveries, a massive in-house recycling center could be for you. We'll stick with hauling our recyclables off-sight for now, however.

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