FindLaw Financial Crisis Resources and Coverage

Promissory Notes: Personal Loans to Family and Friends

If you loan money to a friend or family member, you may feel that his or her word, or a handshake, is enough to seal the deal.

Renters in Foreclosure

The sub-prime mortgage industry meltdown is now affecting renters whose landlords have lost their rental properties through foreclosure. Learn about those renters' rights now.

How-To Reduce Your Mortgage Obligations

You may be able to stop paying some of your home loans without risking foreclosure. Here's how.

When Debt Collectors Cross the Line

Find out which collection practices are prohibited by law and what can you do if you are being harassed.

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Is bankruptcy a good idea or not? Here are some things to consider.

Tips to Avoid Foreclosure

Both foreclosures and deficiency judgments could seriously affect your ability to qualify for credit in the future. Learn how to avoid this fate now.

10 Things to Think About: Wrongful Discharge

Do you know what it means to be "wrongfully discharged" from employment? Find out now.

Answers about Home Ownership

An introduction to the law of home ownership, including rights and restrictions, insurance, and the financial side of owning a home.

Getting Your Retirement Money Early -- Without Penalty

If you take a distribution from your retirement plan early -- defined as before the day you turn 59 1/2 -- you will generally have to pay a 10% early distribution tax above and beyond any regular income taxes you may owe on the money.

Basic Terms for Shareholders and Investors

Confused by all the financial terms in the news? Check out FindLaw's glossary for definitions of key words and phrases.

Bankruptcy & Debt Resources

FindLaw's Bankruptcy and Debt Center provides information and resources to help if your debts are increasing and you're unable to pay your creditors on time.

Strategies for Rebuilding Your Credit

Get answers to common questions about personal credit, and learn how to take steps that will help you bring up your credit score.Read More »

Agency Profiles

Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve

  • Created by Congress in 1913 through the Federal Reserve Act.
  • Chairman: Ben Bernanke
  • Functions: Conduct US monetary policy, supervise and regulate the US banking system, maintain stability of the financial system and contain systemic risks
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  Department of the Treasury

Department of
the Treasury

  • Established by the first congress of the United States convened in 1789.
  • Secretary: Henry Paulson
  • Functions: Manage federal finances, ennforce federal finance and tax laws, manage government accounts and the public debt
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Securities Exchange Committee

  • Created by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
  • Chairman: Christopher Cox
  • Functions: Interpret federal securities laws, issue new rules and amend existing rules, oversee the inspection of securities firms.
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Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

  • Created by Congress in 1933.
  • Chairman: Sheila C. Bair
  • Functions: Insure all deposits at insured banks up to the current limit of $250,000 per depositor per insured bank.
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Legal Commentary

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