3 Law Firm Marketing Changes to Make in 2015

How did your legal marketing go in 2014? Was it the year of the blog? The year you started getting serious about social media? The year nothing really changed at all? Well don’t let 2015 drift by in a haze of good intentions. The world of law firm marketing has changed, and if you want to continue getting results for your law firm, you need to change too. Last week, we looked at some trends to leave in the past. Today, let’s take a look at three changes you should make in the immediate future.

Change 1: Focus on content more than SEO
Over the past several years, the logic behind search engines has shifted. In an attempt to deliver more useful results, search results now reflect the value of a website’s content rather than just its popularity. For 2015, emphasize usability and value in your online content. This will help build your credibility as a knowledgeable source.

Task: Identify your clients’ 3-5 most frequently asked questions, then write a series of 200-word blog posts answering each one.

Change 2: Get consistent with your online presence
One key to credibility is making sure you’re always getting credit for your work. To do that, your information must be listed identically everywhere that it appears online. That includes your personal and law firm name, title, office address and phone number.

Task: Scour the web and standardize your listings. Make sure they’re accurate and consistent. Build a spreadsheet to keep the task from becoming overwhelming. Start with your own website then move to social media, directories, review sites and even your state bar association. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from tech-savvy colleagues in identifying potential websites that aren’t on your radar.

Change 3: Find new metrics
With search engines placing more value on content and credibility, it’s time to shift your definition of success. Start looking at the metrics that reflect valuable content in 2015. The time visitors spend on your law firm website and the number of pages they view can indicate the value of your content. Meanwhile traffic sources can, over time, provide insight into which marketing tactics are working better than others.

Task: Choose three metrics to review in 2015. (Bounce Rate, Time on Site and Pages Viewed are good places to start.) Prepare a quick monthly report throughout the year, even if you’re the only one who reads it.

I’ll spare you any clichés about each New Year being an opportunity and instead leave you with this: All year long, FindLaw reviews the performance of our attorney clients so that we can better serve the needs of their businesses. As 2015 approaches, it’s clear that continuing to focus on search engine rank at the expense of content value and credibility results in time and money spent on a strategy that delivers less and less. So next year, leave old strategies in the past and stand out from the competition in the ways that matter today.

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