3 reasons your firm should be partnering with Hispanic clients

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The U.S. Hispanic population represents a promising and largely untapped market for law firms of all sizes and geographical locations. If you need more proof of this market’s potential, look at the statistics.

During the past two decades, Hispanic residents in the United States have grown considerably in number, economic power, and influence. With Hispanic communities expanding almost everywhere in the country according to recent Census data, the number of Spanish speakers reached 64 million in 2019 and they command a whopping $1.6 trillion in purchasing power.

Of course, we understand that simple demographic data may not be enough to compel a business decision as important as engaging consumers that speak a different language. This is why we’re eager to share three compelling reasons why your law firm should be partnering with Hispanic clients today. If you find the following information insightful, we encourage you to explore this topic in our new in-depth guide, Increasing opportunity: How law firms can forge strategic connections with Hispanic clients.

1. The demand is already here and will continue to increase

The first and most obvious reason on this list is that there are already potentially thousands of Hispanics seeking a lawyer in your area. In almost all states, the number of Hispanic residents is on the rise, and this is as true in Maine and Michigan as it is in Texas and California. In fact, 12 U.S. states now have more than 1 million Hispanic residents. And like anyone else, they need legal help and representation.

Law firms would be wise to find ways to engage clients within the U.S. Hispanic population given the growing demand that already exists. If you still have reservations despite the demand, keep in mind that Hispanic clients may be a better fit for your practice than you think. They have complex and diverse legal needs and seek out high-quality legal representation.

2. Communicating with Hispanic clients is not as challenging as you might think

Just because they are primarily Spanish speakers doesn’t mean they only speak Spanish. In the 2010 U.S. Census, 50% of Hispanic residents reported that they spoke English “very well.” While facts and figures from the 2020 Census are still being tabulated, data from Geoscape Acculturation CultureCode® tells us that the number of Hispanics that speak English is now over 70%, and that percentage continues to grow each year.

What’s more, you don’t have to know Spanish in order to service Hispanic clients who don’t speak English. Maybe you have an attorney or staffer at your firm that speaks Spanish and can translate important information to clients. But even if these resources are not available to you, it’s likely a Spanish-speaking client knows someone who speaks English and can provide translation assistance when needed.

3. It’s easy to engage Hispanic clients in the digital space

Research shows that Hispanic consumers use mobile devices more frequently than the general population, giving them quick access to sources of information. This provides ample opportunity for law firms to engage Hispanic consumers on many of the internet’s most-visited sites and platforms, including search engines. In fact, a recent Thomson Reuters U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey tells us that 48% of Hispanic legal consumers reported searching for an attorney on a legal directory such as Abogado.com. That’s 10 percentage points higher than legal consumers overall.

To learn more about listing on Abogado.com and additional digital marketing tactics that we recommend for engaging Hispanic clients, read our new in-depth guide, Increasing opportunity: How law firms can forge strategic connections with Hispanic clients.





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