3 Ways Attorneys Can Write Better Calls To Action

The most important thing your marketing can do is get a person to act. All the dollars spent on advertising are worth nothing if you can’t get the right customer at the right time to pick up the phone. Yet, most law firms employ extremely similar calls to action (CTAs).

See if this sounds familiar to you: “If you’ve been injured in a car accident, call the attorneys of X Law Firm at…” Or, how about this, “At X Law Firm we fight for your rights; call us today if you’ve been arrested for …”

One of the most powerful changes you can make is in the way you give users actions to take and more importantly reasons to take those actions. Here are a few tips for improving your calls to action:

1) Use Benefits Language

Include a tangible benefit that speaks to the needs of your customers. It is more powerful than just listing a feature. Don’t just tell the user to call, tell them what will improve in their life when they do call.

In general features tend to be about you, and benefits tend to be about the user.

Feature :: Benefit
I have x years of experience :: You have a better chance to win your case
We have won $X at trial :: Get the money you need
We offer free consultations :: You don’t have to worry about spending a lot of cash
We are professional :: You’ll feel safe and well taken care of

2) Remember Your Brand

Regardless of size, practice area or location, having a brand for your firm is critical. But just having a brand isn’t enough. You have to use it, and a CTA is a great place to do that. When you write think to yourself, what is the most powerful message I have for a customer who is likely reading this, and then use it.

For example, let’s say your brand is built around advocacy and justice. Then you might consider a CTA that looks more like: You don’t think what’s happening to you is right. Neither do we. Call us today and we can fight this together.

3) Always Engage

Calls to action don’t just happen at the bottom of pages. Getting clients engaged early and often leads to results and improves the quality of your marketing. Engage users directly by diversifying the actions to which you call them. Those kinds of statements begin with words like:

  • Read our article on…
  • Visit our blog to find out more about…
  • Think about …
  • Gather your documents to see if …
  • Visit this site we trust to find out more about …
  • See our local news story on …

Whenever you can, your content should be trying to engage directly with users.

Conscious change to the way you deliver a call to action can pay significant dividends in converting users into clients. Not only that, it can set you apart from your competition. If your competitors are all using the same language to say the same thing, making changes like those above can give your firm a real edge in securing clients.

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