3 ways FindLaw helps firms grow

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Last Updated: February 8, 2024

Chasing business growth goals for your law firm shouldn’t be put on pause, even during a year of the unusual and unforeseen. Being proactive, connecting with prospects, and converting them into clients – and doing this all online – is essential.

Growing your firm means being where legal consumers are when “passive research” turns into “actively seeking counsel.” Lucky for you, there’s FindLaw.

Here are three ways FindLaw helps:

1. FindLaw helps you attract the right prospects

It’s a fact: if you don’t have new prospects, you don’t have growth. So it’s time to get new clients through your front door – whether physically or virtually. The first step is creating awareness among both current legal consumers and your community-at-large, so that those with immediate and future legal needs know where to find you.

FindLaw knows your audience. As part of the largest online network with four attorney directories – FindLaw.comAbogado.comLawInfo.com, and SuperLawyers.com – FindLaw knows how people are searching for legal help and why they choose the attorneys they do.

FindLaw offers marketing services that can help increase awareness of your firm in your community. There are also free tools and resources, such blogs, webcasts, white papers, and more, that offer guidance on getting, and keeping, your firm top-of-mind when help is needed.

2. FindLaw helps you engage with legal consumers online

When someone has an active legal problem, they’re turning to search engines, legal directories, law firm websites, and social media to find support and answers. Is your firm showing up and showing the right content?

FindLaw can help create a clear engagement path for legal consumers that leads directly to your law firm. Whether your firm needs guidance in getting found online with search engine optimization (SEO), help balancing a tone that is both approachable and professional on social media, or some reputation management mapping, FindLaw has you covered.

Engaging with legal consumers online will actively help showcase your expertise and forge trust, two of the most important qualities new clients are looking for from their attorney. It’s these qualities, too, that will encourage the consumer to continue the conversation offline and officially.

3. FindLaw helps connect you with potential new clients

If law firm growth is your goal, having a system in place to connect with legal consumers and convert them into clients is key. After all, if you put in the effort to get prospects to your doorstep, you should also welcome them in.

How do you currently communicate with potential clients? If you find yourself needing help answering phone calls or conducting online intake through chat functionality, FindLaw can be of service. Especially if you have certain times of the day that you’re out of the office and unavailable, implementing these services helps ensure prospects are connecting with more than just voicemail.

A law firm’s marketing strategies work best when they work together. FindLaw offers a variety of integrated marketing solutions – solutions that work in tandem together – to make sure your firm is wherever today’s legal consumers are searching for an attorney.

4. (Bonus Reason) FindLaw enhances your firm’s online reputation and credibility

In an era where a firm’s online reputation can significantly impact its ability to attract and retain clients, FindLaw offers comprehensive solutions to enhance and manage your digital presence effectively. Establishing a strong, positive online legal reputation is crucial for law firms aiming to grow and succeed in the competitive legal market.

FindLaw’s expertise in online reputation management involves a multifaceted approach, including monitoring online reviews across various platforms, responding professionally to both positive and negative feedback, and encouraging satisfied clients to share their experiences. By proactively managing your online reputation, FindLaw helps ensure that prospective clients encounter a trustworthy and respected firm when they search for legal assistance online.

Moreover, FindLaw leverages its extensive legal marketing knowledge to position your firm as a credible authority in your practice area. This is achieved through strategic content marketing, including informative blog posts, authoritative white papers, and engaging social media content that highlights your firm’s expertise, achievements, and community involvement. By enhancing your firm’s online reputation and credibility, FindLaw not only helps attract more clients but also builds a lasting foundation for your firm’s growth and success in the digital age.

When you’re ready for a little help and a lot of growth, FindLaw is here for you. For more information on how FindLaw can help attract, engage, and connect your firm with future clientscheck out our services and schedule a free consultation.

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