4 simple marketing strategies for a team of one

As a small firm in big pond, you need to sell your skills and legal practice to potential clients. Enter legal marketing. With marketing, you can find clients who need your assistance. Marketing is vital for any law firm, especially for those smaller practices.

Whether you’re a solo attorney or a second-year associate, law firm marketing doesn’t have to take up most of your time. Instead, there are high-impact but low-lift strategies to increase your ROI (return on investment) on time.

Let’s take a look at some actionable steps to market your skills and acquire new clients without putting a strain on your busy work schedule.

Strategy #1 – Identify your target audience

Defining your ideal client is the top priority of your marketing plan. Who do you want to target? You can break down your ideal client based on age, income, demographics, and behavior. Once you’ve narrowed down your targeted audience, create social media posts and blogs that speak to them. Taking a generalized approach will only get your message lost in the crowd.

Strategy #2 – Focus on the right social media channels

As you already know, there are multiple social media channels, so which channels speak to your targeted audience? LinkedIn caters to the more professional crowd. Facebook and Twitter are some of the most popular platforms, with around 2 billion users. YouTube is great if you want a more visual message for your audience. Choose one or two of these platforms. Don’t try to master them all.

Once you’ve narrowed down your platform, create evergreen content that remains relevant no matter the time frame. Yes, you can still comment on recent news, but you’ll see a better ROI with content that stands the test of time.

Strategy #3 – Create appropriate calls to action

After finding your ideal audience, compel readers to take those next steps. It is not enough that they visit your website or read a post. What else do you want them to do? Think about creating a whitepaper that they can download for further reading. Post a link that connects to the website so the reader can browse your blogs. Use a call to action at the end of your social media posts to schedule a consultation. These actionable steps will engage those readers and keep your firm’s name top of mind.

Strategy #4 – Automate your process

You’re already busy with caseloads and clients; keeping on top of social media can be a hassle. Make sure to use apps that can automate your legal marketing. Some of these apps and standalone services allow you to schedule posts and blogs weekly or monthly. You can easily set up a schedule and let these services automate your postings. That is a convenient way to manage your marketing.

Use these simple marketing tips

Marketing doesn’t need to be a challenge for small firms or individuals. But, with these actionable strategies, you can boost your practice’s marketing plan. If you need a few tips for your firm, make sure to contact FindLaw for more legal marketing solutions.

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