A lawyer’s guide to legal tech: Law firm marketing to boost growth

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Previous blogs in this series highlight how legal technology supports lawyers in legal research and other core legal tasks
and enhances the management of large-scale legal operations such as collaboration, contract review, and document automation. 

Beyond those two areas, however, a third essential function in any law firm is marketing the firm. Recent years have seen significant technological advances to support a firm’s positioning, growth, and client loyalty. This blog delves into a few of those significant use cases for legal marketing technology and highlights the potential benefits it can bring to your firm’s growth and success. 

Website design

Websites have become the first point of contact for many potential new clients and a touchpoint for existing clients. Early law firm sites were primarily informational and focused on external communications. Now they have become an essential source of insight for legal consumers, ensuring future clients will see a firm’s best side. 

Mobile-friendly websites

52% of legal consumers will only visit up to three attorney websites when searching for a lawyer. Here are five tips to achieving award-winning law firm website designs and how FindLaw’s team can get you there.


Analytics software can accurately track website traffic, pay-per-click advertising, and much more. That data can be used to feed lead generation and refine and further target desirable market segments. Regularly analyzing performance data allows firms to build brand awareness, drive consumer awareness, and deliver connections. 


INSIGHT is the performance analytics platform for FindLaw. The platform presents performance data in context within a consistent framework to help you make sense of the data and see the value of your marketing investment.

Web chat and client intake

Web chat and client intake help clients move from simply reading content on a law firm’s website to building relationships with the people behind it.  

Web chat, whether automated or human-based, can help visitors engage with a site by asking for help, identifying expertise, and explaining their legal issues. The real value of web chat is its immediacy — legal consumers act fast, so inquiries delivered through a chat system must receive a response almost immediately before potential clients move on to someone else. 

Most potential clients are already comfortable engaging with businesses online and may find it convenient to enter information about themselves and their matters as a way of initiating a relationship, ultimately getting some of the administrative details out of the way. 

Web chat and call answering services

With FindLaw Intake Solutions, you can turn more site visits into profitable connections and make it easy for your next client to contact your firm.

Social media management

Social media is essential because that’s where the clients are. In a recent FindLaw poll, nearly 45% of respondents used social media to evaluate professional services, highlighting it as one of the best ways to reach consumers who are actively looking for help with legal issues.

Social media expands a law firm’s online presence in many ways. It is essential for brand recognition, establishing a firm’s expertise, and driving followers to the firm’s content marketing efforts.

Like any marketing technique, firms should administer a social media program strategically with planning and forethought. Results should be measured and constantly evaluated to learn what is working and what is not. Social media should also be treated as an integral part of the overall marketing strategy, both from branding and demand generation standpoints. 

Social media marketing

Legal consumers often turn to social media for product and service recommendations — and to verify the businesses they’re considering. FindLaw uses outstanding content to drive your law firm’s social media marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of making your firm’s website content more visible in search engine results. The strategy builds on high-quality content that current and potential clients will want to read, then adds the right keywords, headlines, and other components to ensure that users will find your content.  

The way your content is written will matter. Firms should use the right mix of standard and professional terminology, depending on the anticipated level of user knowledge of the subject.

Content creators need to imagine themselves as potential readers and use phrases a desired audience will likely use in an internet search. SEO practitioners refer to this as capturing the user’s intent, so the content should express ideas and concepts that would attract users with various forms of intent.

Web pages consist of different fields and tags that search engines prioritize. Therefore, the right words must appear in the tagging that describes each page, its title field, and its description.

E-E-A-T — Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness — is the acronym Google uses to evaluate online content and assess whether it’s worth showing in its search results. Every piece of content should highlight a law firm’s excellence in these qualities, as all are essential to the service delivered to clients.

SEO for lawyers

Legal consumers are looking for attorneys online — will your website be found? Read FindLaw’s guide to SEO strategy to walk through everything you need to know about enhancing SEO.

Digital marketing that matters 

One of the essential aspects of online marketing today is constantly testing and experimenting to see what is working. To do that properly, firms must have systems to track and analyze the traffic and direct inquiries their websites and content generate. 

FindLaw is your one-stop digital partner to market your law firm, working exclusively with small law firms and solo attorneys to deliver what matters to you. Learn more about our marketing services and resources to get in front of potential clients today.

Digital marketing strategies for law firms: Unlocking the power of your brand to attract clients

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