Tips for attorneys on how to conduct virtual / video legal consultations

Last Updated: February 7, 2024

In the evolving landscape of legal practice, the shift toward virtual operations and consultations has become more than just a pandemic-era necessity; it’s a permanent fixture in how attorneys interact with clients. As we move into 2024, the legal community has embraced the lessons learned from the past few years, refining the approach to virtual consultations to ensure they are as effective and personable as in-person meetings. Here’s an updated guide for attorneys looking to master the art of virtual consultations.

Embracing Virtual Legal Consultations: A New Norm

The necessity for virtual consultations has extended beyond the immediate health concerns, becoming a preferred option for many due to its convenience, efficiency, and accessibility. This shift has prompted attorneys and law firms to integrate virtual consultations into their regular service offerings, ensuring they cater to clients’ evolving preferences.

Overcoming Common Pitfalls in Virtual Legal Consultations

Technical Preparedness: Technical issues remain a significant concern in virtual consultations. Invest in reliable technology and high-speed internet to minimize disruptions. Familiarize yourself with your chosen platform’s features and have a backup plan in case of technical failures. Conduct regular checks on your equipment and ensure all software is up to date.

Professional Environment: The importance of a professional setting cannot be overstated. Choose a quiet, well-lit room where interruptions are unlikely. Be mindful of your background, opting for a clean, professional backdrop that reinforces your firm’s branding without causing distractions. Virtual backgrounds can be used for a more controlled environment but choose one that is appropriate and not distracting.

Dress Code: Maintaining a professional appearance is crucial. Dress as you would for an in-person meeting with a client, adhering to your firm’s dress code. This not only projects professionalism but also helps set the tone for the consultation.

Effective Communication: Virtual platforms can alter the dynamics of communication. Practice speaking clearly and at a measured pace to account for potential audio lag. Make eye contact by looking at the camera, not the screen, to foster a sense of connection and attentiveness.

Best Practices for Successful Virtual Legal Consultations

Preparation is Key: Prior to the meeting, provide clients with clear instructions on how to access the virtual consultation, including troubleshooting tips and contact information for technical support. This ensures both parties can begin the meeting promptly and with minimal stress.

Enhanced Client Experience: Offer a brief tutorial at the start of the consultation to ensure clients are comfortable with the video platform. This might include showing them how to mute and unmute their microphone or turn their video on and off.

Security and Confidentiality: With the rise of virtual consultations, ensuring client confidentiality and data security is paramount. Use secure, encrypted platforms compliant with legal industry standards, and inform clients about the measures you’ve taken to protect their privacy.

Leverage Virtual Consultation Tools: Incorporate tools like document sharing and screen sharing to make consultations more interactive and productive. This can help in explaining complex legal documents or processes in real-time.

Follow-Up: After a virtual consultation, send a follow-up email summarizing the discussion points and outlining the next steps. This not only reinforces the connection but also ensures clarity and understanding on both sides.

Promoting Your Virtual Legal Services

In response to the continued demand for virtual legal services, highlighting your virtual consultation capabilities is essential. Update your website, social media profiles, and legal directories to prominently feature your ability to conduct virtual consultations. Consider incorporating testimonials from clients who have had positive virtual consultation experiences with your firm.

As the legal industry continues to navigate the post-pandemic world, virtual consultations remain a vital component of client service. By addressing common pitfalls, adopting best practices, and promoting your virtual services, you can ensure that your firm not only meets but exceeds client expectations in this digital age. Adapting to and embracing these changes will position your firm as forward-thinking, client-focused, and prepared for the future of legal practice.

Offering virtual consults demonstrates your firm’s preparedness and adaptability. It also shows that you are cognizant and considerate of prospective clients’ needs. In an effort to help attorneys easily connect with prospective clients, FindLaw directory clients, who have profiles on,, and, can now add a Virtual Appointment icon to their profiles to indicate they offer this option. Adding this icon provides an easy way for solo and small law firms to promote their videoconferencing capabilities and connect with prospective and current clients who do not wish to meet face to face.

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