The very real benefits of a virtual legal office

In these unprecedented times, many attorneys must address how to service clients and keep business operations going while working outside of the office. For some, working virtually is new and may seem daunting. However, with the right mindset and technology, you can provide the strong legal representation clients need without disruption.

For attorneys, working virtually provides several benefits, below are five things to keep in mind.

  1. Maintain business continuity: Health care workers and government officials have critical roles, but your role as an attorney is also vitally important. Our society depends on the rule of law to function. Families need guidance working through unexpected situations, businesses need help addressing legal concerns, and people need assistance figuring out estate planning matters. Finding a way to work remotely ensures you can keep matters moving forward and provide the answers and assistance clients need.
  2. Transition seamlessly with technology: Thanks to Skype, FaceTime and other forms of video conferencing technology, client consultations can still be face-to-face, even if they aren’t in-person. Security software and privacy settings on internet connections can make your home computer secure, and text messages and email allow you to communicate quickly and easily with clients. With the right policies and procedures in place – including outlining when an attorney-client relationship is and is not formed – from a technology perspective, working remotely should be the same as working in the office.
  3. Promote work-life balance: In recent years, the legal field has recognized the importance of promoting and prioritizing attorneys’ well-being. With essentially no commute or office-related distractions, working remotely provides the flexibility attorneys need to balance business priorities with life occurrences.
  4. Leverage digital capabilities: The internet provides almost limitless opportunities to build, express, and develop your law firm’s brand. Through a well-designed website, you can provide information about your firm’s legal capabilities and updates related to your remote contact information and revised business hours. You can also use social media to communicate about developments in your community and at your firm. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in an office building or from a guest bedroom you converted into an office — the power and utility of digital marketing makes attracting and retaining clients easier than ever.
  5. Obtain the help you need: An advantage of working in an office is that there are people around to help if you encounter a problem. Fortunately, the same is true when you’re working virtually. Help is available, you just need to reach out via email, phone or web chat. If you need assistance with your firm’s digital marketing needs, visit FindLaw’s quick-access directory.

To help you and your firm navigate the new realities you face, please visit Thomson Reuters’s COVID-19 resource center.

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