Consumers are Ready for Social Video. Are You?

Consumers are Ready for Social Video. Are You?

Social Video is Here and it’s Here to Stay

When it comes to law firms and social media, success is all about giving legal consumers what they want and meeting them where they already are. These days, video content is emerging as one of the most effective ways to engage audiences on social media. That’s why FindLaw is proud to announce our latest offering, Video Social Pro (VSP).

VSP uses the power of social video to connect your law firm with new audiences.

To start, FindLaw’s team of experts will consult with your firm to truly understand your brand and your goals. We use this information to create individually-tailored videos that introduce your firm to your highest-priority audiences.

FindLaw builds these professional-quality animated videos every other month. They are designed to highlight your unique identity and to cement your firm in the minds of potential legal consumers. We then promote each video to a targeted audience on Facebook. By proactively reaching out to consumers where they already are, we help your firm forge new territory and build trust with new potential clients.

Consumers are waiting for your video

If your firm wants to reach new audiences, social video is a no-brainer:  consumers want it, and it works better than anything else. On average, four times as many people prefer video to written content when making a purchasing decision*. What’s more, users retain 95 percent of a message when they watch it on video**, and that includes your prospects.

The modern legal consumer cares about your experience and your accomplishments, but they need more. They need a personal connection. If you want to win their business, you need more than a website.

Social video engages, captivates and resonates on a platform most are using daily. We harness this power by creating a visual story that the viewer can imagine themselves participating in. We use this story to foster an emotional connection between the viewer and your firm. After watching, they’ll know that your firm is someone they can trust. When it’s time to hire a lawyer, your name will already be top-of-mind. Your firm will stand apart from the competition, and your phone will be the one that rings.


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