Developing Your Law Firm’s Unique Positioning Statement

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If you want an effective marketing plan, consider developing a unique positioning statement. These statements give your law firm a clear outline and strategy for your marketing efforts

A unique positioning statement conveys your firm’s value proposition to a targeted client base. In addition, positioning statements help identify your purpose by distinguishing your law firm from the competition. 

Also, your positioning statement needs to target your law firm’s ideal type of client. Think about who makes the best client for your practice and use your strengths to tailor that statement to them. 

In order to create a unique positioning statement, you need to clearly identify your firm’s brand and market differentiators. So where do you begin?

Evaluate your firm’s strengths

You want to provide potential clients with a clear understanding of your practice, such as why you’re in business, who you serve, what value your practice offers, and what makes you different from other law firms. To do this, you need to evaluate your law firm.

Take a good look at your law firm and ask a few questions. For example, do you have exceptional outcomes? Are you better known for your skill in the courtroom or settling out of court? Once you identify where you thrive, you can begin to define your market differentiators.

What makes your legal practice different?

With knowledge of your strengths, you can learn how you are different from others. For example, are you more responsive than others in the area? Does your legal team have more experience in certain areas of practice?

Make sure to note where your firm excels, especially when it comes to areas of practice. All law firms have unique benefits that they can offer potential clients. Focus on the clients’ needs.

Understand the competition

Now that you have a deeper understanding of your law firm, it is time to look at the competition. Are they getting more clients than you? What services do they provide to the community? What makes them stand out?

If you have the same practice areas, you might want to reconsider your marketing efforts. Knowing your competition may help you recognize other areas your firm excels in.

Craft your positioning statement 

You can create a unique positioning statement for your law firm with all of these tips. Use the statement to clarify your law firm’s marketing plan. This statement allows you have a consistent voice as you expand the marketing reach of your legal practice. Once you have it created, you can bring this statement to life through your marketing efforts.

Marketing can be challenging for many law firms. If you need a few tips for your practice, make sure to contact FindLaw for more legal marketing solutions.

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