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Last Updated: February 9, 2024

In the post-COVID world, the legal profession has witnessed a paradigm shift in how attorneys and clients interact, with video and virtual consultations becoming the norm rather than the exception. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of video platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, and WebEx, transforming them from optional tools into essential components of legal practice for conducting client consultations and depositions. While many attorneys have grown adept at leveraging these technologies for direct client engagement, there remains a significant opportunity to harness video’s full potential as a powerful medium for promoting and expanding their practice.

Video’s capabilities and benefits extend far beyond client consultations and business conference calls. Video is a powerful marketing tool that can enhance your reputation, burnish your image, and help you engage with new potential clients.

Videos embedded in your law firm website

When it comes to digital legal marketing and your firm’s communication strategy, repetition is bad, but redundancy is good. For example, writing blog post after blog post about the same narrow topic— “We’re northeastern Ohio’s best SSDI lawyers!”—isn’t effective because the message and means of expressing it are repetitive. If you do the same thing over and over, the rule of diminishing returns sets in.

In contrast, having a blog post, website page, and video in which you talk about your SSDI work is redundant, but not repetitive. By diversifying the means by which you communicate your message, you can increase your reach. Video provides another way to convey important things about your practice and firm to potential clients. And, in the crowded noisy world of the internet, that can be invaluable.

Videos on your law firm social media channels

From animated posts on LinkedIn to Fleets on Twitter to Stories on Instagram, all social media platforms welcome video messages. As the rise and popularity of video proves, it’s an engaging and effective marketing medium. In fact, according to digital marketing company Zenith, between 2013 and 2018, the amount of time people spent watching online videos grew roughly 32 percent each year—reaching an average of 84 minutes per day in 2020. Zenith recently reported this passed the 100 minutes per day mark.

Social media provides an easy platform to share videos with legal consumers. There is clearly an appetite for video, and if you aren’t providing this platform as a way to engage with your firm, you’re missing out on key opportunities to connect with potential new clients.

Video to connect with a new audience and potential legal clients

Written copy is highly effective for increasing your online visibility, but it won’t help you reach everyone. While building Video Social Pro, FindLaw discovered that short, professional videos uploaded to Facebook were effective in reaching new viewers. Video Social Pro proved that video helps deepen attorneys’ relationships with not only the people they are already connected to but also form new connections.

Video Social Pro drives brand awareness and engagement with your firm on social media. The product measures success in two key ways:

  • Tracks the number of times your video is shown
  • Tracks the number of times your video is watched for at least 10 seconds

The 10-second benchmark is a higher standard than Facebook uses and helps inform when a user watched long enough to associate the video’s message with your firm’s brand.

Learn more about Video Social Pro and how your firm can use video to market your services. Contact a FindLaw consultant today.

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