Flex Your Legal Muscle By Blogging With Discipline

February is here. Are you still keeping up with your New Year’s resolution? Last month, I presented some legal marketing concepts as fitness goals. (here and here) Let’s keep the medicine ball rolling this week by talking about the heavy lifting – blogs and content writing.

Picking up weights is probably one of the most overwhelming and intimidating things average Joe’s face in the gym. Likewise, sitting down to write a blog post can leave many lawyers wondering where to even begin. Luckily there are similar steps you can take to get comfortable with both Romanian dead lifts and content marketing.

Start Small

No one walks into the gym, grabs the heaviest weights, and starts bench pressing a Mack truck on the first day. Starting small means you’ll build a solid base and avoid injuries at the same time. Similarly, you don’t have to write War and Peace the first time you blog. Start with a few hundred words focused on what potential consumers need to know when they have a legal issue – and keep it to one post every few days. Your frequency can grow from there, but your post length may not necessarily have to. Remember, consumers are looking for something that’s direct and to the point.

Form Matters

What good are squats if your form is poor and you end up with nothing more than a bad back? Whether it’s weight lifting or blogging, form is crucial. If you’re out of practice when it comes to writing, revisit some old tips from high school in this blog post. Good form will provide you the stability and discipline to stick to your topic and the structure to keep your blog from becoming a stream-of-consciousness mess.

Rack Your Weights

No one likes the person in the gym who doesn’t put their weights back where they found them. You don’t want to spend the time looking for a missing dumbbell while you really just want to get your workout out of the way. It rubs people the wrong way, much like writing controversial opinion pieces on your blog. A consumer-facing legal blog should be constructive and helpful. It’s a good idea to stay away from hot button issues and politics for fear of alienating consumers.

Trust me, I understand how daunting writing can feel. The thought of taking time out of your day to sit at the keyboard keeps a lot of attorneys from even starting, but just like weightlifting, it gets easier over time and the results reward the patient practitioner. By routinely creating fresh content for your website, you’ll improve your SEO and gain the ability to flex your legal muscles in front of consumers who are most definitely looking. So fire up the computer and as always write what you know.

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