How to Manage Your Firm’s Twitter Account in 7 Minutes a Day

147764489 Law firms that don’t use social media are a dying breed. Savvy attorneys know that a platform like Twitter is where consumers are congregating. It gives you instant access to 115 million active users, many of whom will search for quality legal resources at some point. When they do so, they will gravitate towards a law firm that is easily approachable. Twitter makes you sound like a real human and not an unfamiliar, intimidating law firm. If you think you can’t afford the time to tap out tweets between case prepping and court, think again. With Twitter’s simple functionality, a wealth of content online to pull from and your legal expertise, you can run an account in just seven minutes a day. Here’s a breakdown of how to manage a typical day on Twitter. Minutes 1-2: Scan for content. Your prospects and clients have an insatiable appetite for breaking news and engaging stories that are relevant to their lives. In the morning, browse for stories related to your practice area (a bankrupt small business, a meaningful court case) that you can link to and offer your unique take on. If you have a blog, keep your antennae up for trending topics or significant issues that you can post. Minute 3: Craft the tweet. After unearthing that golden content nugget, prepare to post it. Shorten any corresponding URL with a service like so you can squeeze as much as possible into the 140 characters Twitter allows. Use the “link sandwich” recipe (text + link + text) and add your own take if possible. Sample tweet: “Some groups want to lower the legal alcohol limit on drivers: A touchy topic but one worth discussing.” Minute 4: Monitor activity and feedback. Take a minute to follow up and find any social chatter related to you or your posts. Click on “Notifications” at the top of your Twitter page to see if anyone mentioned you, retweeted one of your tweets or favorited one of your posts. Minute 5: Respond and interact. Now take the time to respond personally and promptly. If someone mentioned you in a tweet, retweet and/or favorite it. Direct message (DM) any one-on-one questions that are in your Twitter inbox. Take a moment to give a nice shout-out to any colleagues or other law firms by prefacing their Twitter handle with an @. Here’s an example of how a little recognition can go a long way toward building goodwill and stronger relationships. Like sitting alone in the corner at a party, not interacting on social media stands out, so make sure you do it. Minutes 6-7: Repeat. Toward the end of your day, post a helpful tip related to your area of expertise or a quick legal take on a news story that may have broken while you were working. Posting useful, insightful content twice a day, then scanning your Twitter feed for responses or retweets that require immediate attention, are manageable tasks that can position you as a valued resource and keep you in the front lines in the battle for social media relevance. If you would like to learn more about how FindLaw can help your law firm with social media or your marketing overall, please contact us for a free consultation.

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