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In recent years, small law firms have made a lot of strides when it comes to tapping into the power of digital marketing. It’s now customary for small law firms to have a well-designed and comprehensive website with content that’s unique and relevant to their brand and practice. It’s also common for law firms to have an SEO (search engine optimization)
strategy that ensures people can find their website. But when it comes to other highly effective online marketing tactics, the Thomson Reuters Institute’s 2023 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Report reveals that firms are missing key opportunities to connect with legal consumers who are actively seeking guidance. 

Among the marketing levers highlighted in the report that remain largely untapped are online legal directories. With today’s consumers turning to the internet to research everything from the best sushi restaurants to reputable home remodeling companies, online legal directories provide the perfect digital meeting place to introduce and showcase your law firm.  

For most legal consumers, selecting a law firm can be a difficult experience. When they turn to the internet to learn more about their legal options, they’re seeking answers to specific questions, as well as reassurance that they’ll be able to overcome whatever challenges they face. So how can your firm meet legal consumers where they’re at and be the trusted resource they need? By making sure your firm is listed in one or more of FindLaw’s legal directories. has been recognized as a marketing leader in online legal information by evaluators such as Comscore. Research shows that visitors who are referred via FindLaw’s directories are three times more likely to contact a law firm than visitors who use Google alone.  

Let’s take a closer look at the other key benefits of advertising on FindLaw’s directories: 

  • Connect with legal consumers: Research shows that nearly 60% of legal consumers take action within a week and the majority only contact one firm. Do everything you can to make sure it’s yours.  
  • Audience targeting: Advertising on an online legal directory automatically places your firm in front of thousands of people who are actively seeking to hire an attorney. That level of exposure is hard to beat.  
  • Increased visibility: Gain even more visibility and stand out amongst competitors in your region by boosting your firm’s FindLaw directory profile. This is an effective way to get a real competitive advantage.  
  • Build and reinforce your brand: Use your firm’s directory listing to highlight those attributes that make you and your firm unique. From special credentials and capabilities to client testimonials and reviews, a directory listing allows your firm to showcase your brand and win over potential clients.

Small law firms: Leveraging marketing to drive business development

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FindLaw’s online legal directories

FindLaw understands that your firm and business goals are unique. Our suite of legal directories offers firms the potential of connecting with audiences who may differ in how they search, the legal issues they face, and what’s most important to them when searching for an attorney. Plus, by advertising in more than one directory, firms can expand their reach and increase their visibility to multiple target audiences.  

Wondering which FindLaw directory is right for you and your firm? Let’s take a closer look at your options.  

  • The number one source of free legal information and resources on the web. This is the largest and most comprehensive legal directory targeting legal consumers who want to research a range of legal topics and gain access to attorneys who practice every type of law. 
  • A traditional and less research-focused legal directory highlighting Lead Counsel Verified attorneys. Your firm can add special subcategories within practice areas to highlight the special legal areas that are your focus.  
  • A select attorney directory showcasing the top 5% of attorneys within specific regions and practice areas. Its emphasis is on connecting legal consumers with experienced attorneys who have a proven track record of success. 
  • The number one Spanish-language online legal directory that serves the unique needs of Spanish-speaking legal consumers in the U.S. This directory is a highly effective way to connect with this important and growing audience.  

Learn more about how small law firms are using digital marketing tools like legal directories to connect with clients and drive business by downloading the 2023 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Report

2023 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Report

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