Legal Marketing Isn’t Like Raising Teenagers (Thankfully)

Teenagers need shoes. Constantly.

Take, for example, a stereotypical young male sports fanatic. Fall football feeds into basketball season, which transfers into track and field in the spring so they can stay in shape for – you guessed it – more football. Every sport demands a different pair of shoes and a teenager’s feet are constantly growing. That doesn’t even take into account casual sneakers for daily wear. Yep, there’s a unique kind of frustration that comes with having to buy new gear every time the season switches.

Here’s the good news: Marketing your law firm doesn’t have to feel like shoeing a stable full of teenagers.

Yes, the legal consumer landscape can transition at least as quickly as the sports seasons. But pursuing a new tactic each time the market shifts isn’t sustainable for most law firms and it’s not a business model we’re interested in pursuing. That cycle of constant consumption might work for shoe manufacturers but that’s because, ultimately, they deliver material goods.

In contrast, we at FindLaw are delivering results.

Of course we still sell law firm websites, pay-per-click advertising, video, blogs and everything else an attorney needs to market their legal practice. All of these tactics still work, but they work best when they work together. That’s why, when we at FindLaw talk about these things, we talk about them as part of an integrated approach. One where all the pieces support one another and where our solutions are designed to adapt based on their performance and your goals.

We’re not out to sell you more stuff. We don’t deliver material goods marketed on some abstract sense of self-actualization. We deliver real results that support your real-world business goals. That takes long-term thinking and a flexible, sustainable approach to online marketing.

So if you feel like you’re being sold another pair of shoes to add to your pile, change the conversation. Talk to us about FindLaw’s integrated marketing approach and what it can mean for your practice today.

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