Looking to Bolster Your Firm’s Digital Footprint? Look No Further Than LinkedIn

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When it comes to touting your legal expertise and making savvy business connections, the mechanics are endless. Some swear by networking events and speaking engagements. Others prefer blogging or social media.

The one thing that remains certain is that your law firm is a brand and you must be proactive in managing its reputation. A brand is simply an identity–the image your clients and prospects have of you. A logo design is part but not all of it. Branding is also everything people think about, feel and experience with your firm. It’s a promise you make. It says who you are, what you do, what you stand for and what clients can always expect from you.

It may seem strange to think of your practice in this way. Brands are often associated with consumer goods, like smartphones or tennis shoes. But branding is critical for professional services, too. Every business wants to leverage past success for future growth and defend its market position against competitors. Taking some time to promote your legal achievements will make branding and reputation management easier.

One might ask, with so many options out there what is the best platform to shape and mold my firm’s brand? The answer is straightforward: Spend the vast majority of your time on the channel with the most qualified professional audience and that is LinkedIn.

The chief area where LinkedIn excels is in catering to both referring attorneys and legal consumers. According to the American Bar Association’s 2018 Legal Technology Survey, the channel lawyers use most often for networking is LinkedIn, with 87 percent indicating that they had a LinkedIn profile. Conversely, on the legal consumer side, LinkedIn is now home to more than 500 million members. With a number that large, there is no doubt your potential clients are on the platform.

FindLaw’s new playbook, The Legal Professional’s Guide To LinkedIn, makes the case for why an active, engaging and unique presence should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts. Below you will find a brief preview of some of the tips covered in the book.

Spend A Little Extra Time On Your Profile

Time spent on LinkedIn should involve making connections with other legal professionals, building recognition of your personal brand and positioning yourself as an expert in the field. The truth is, most attorney’s LinkedIn profiles read like an online resume, focusing on education and practice area descriptions. Rather, construct a profile that mentions who you are, what you do, and the unique value and benefit you can provide those interested in your services.

Grow Your Audience By Joining Groups

When time allows, commit to searching for a few new LinkedIn groups you can join each month. A good place to start is your state bar association and alma mater. From there, branch out to national groups that focus on your specific practice area or are related to legal events you are passionate about. In addition, make sure that you engage with the members in the group often by commenting, asking questions and liking other people’s posts. When people see you in groups and interact with you over time, they will be more likely to connect with you.

Bolster Your Reputation Through Recommendations

The first step to gaining LinkedIn recommendations is not to ask for them but to do the endorsing first. When thinking about the best recipients, consider your former colleagues, current clients and connections from law school. Just make sure your remarks are genuine and attempt to paint a picture of what it was actually like working with the person. A considerate and brief recommendation will be admired, and most likely returned. Writing a recommendation first will also save you time asking for a recommendation and then chasing people with multiple follow-ups.

Be Proactive With Your Posting

There are numerous ways to promote your content amongst your LinkedIn network. If the content is presented on another channel, such as your website or a legal blog, simply write a brief description and share the article link as your status update. Another thing to consider is the use of video. In the past few years, LinkedIn has made real strides to make video a focal point for its members. They made it not only easier to share, but allow for preferential positioning on the news feed for users that post video. The key is to be active, especially early on so people that visit your profile can easily get a snapshot of what you’ve been up to.

Connect the Right Way

From growing your overall attorney connections to promoting your firm’s brand, LinkedIn’s influence cannot be denied. The good news is, you are most likely already on the platform. Our latest playbook will help guide you the rest of the way.

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