Social Video: Consumers Want It, Law Firms Need It

I want to discuss a marketing tactic not many law firms are using right now, social media video. At this point, you probably know how important social media, most notably Facebook, is to your law firm. Legal consumers are like everyone else; they spend a large part of their day staying connected to the world and their friends through social media. They also use Facebook to learn more about law firms.

Using Facebook to your advantage takes an understanding of how people interact with brands on social media. More and more they’re doing so through video.

Facebook video gives you a place to introduce people to your firm, explain complex concepts in simple terms and put a smiling face to your law firm’s name. What’s best is that people want to see your videos. On average, a person watches more than an hour of social media video a day with 92 percent of them watching on their phone.

What’s more, Facebook likes video, especially when it comes to advertising. Facebook promotes video ads because they know that people “gaze five times longer at video than at static content” on their platform. (That quote comes directly from Facebook’s business website). If people are more engaged, they tend to spend more time on social media.

“On average, a person watches more than an hour of social video a day with 92% watching on their phone.”

In summary, both your prospects and Facebook want videos of your firm. They want to get to know you through short videos that are fun and lively. To capture their attention, you’ll need to embrace the ten-second approach to shooting for social media.

Make it snappy

Facebook users don’t have long attention spans, scrolling quickly from post to post and only stopping when something catches their eye. You have limited time to pique their interest and tell the story of your brand. For that reason, the social media company considers ten seconds a key indicator to the success of your ads.

mobile phone animated scrolling example

It doesn’t sound like much time, but you can do a lot in ten seconds. If you’re using it efficiently, you can communicate your “value proposition” to consumers who could use your legal services at some time in the future. Your value proposition is the differentiator your firm provides, the thing that separates you from your competition. Defining and sharing it through social video can increase your brand awareness in a crowded marketplace.

So what is the purpose of social media video? That question gets to the broader ideas of why law firms and brands use Facebook to connect with local consumers. Much like social media as a whole, your videos are a supplement to your overall marketing efforts. For consumers, it’s a peek behind the scenes, an avenue to get to know your firm on a more personal level. Video helps do just that by putting a face to the name, giving people an idea of who you are, what you look like and how you may come across in person.

Turn your videos into ads

Now, say you’ve created an effective ad that convinces consumers of your value proposition and portrays you in a positive light. It’s time to get that video in front of people on Facebook. Most law firms think that their work is over once they upload their video to their page. But if that’s the extent of your efforts, very few people will see it.

Organic social media post views have declined rapidly, and many of your firm’s “fans” on Facebook will never see your video. Unless you put a little money behind it to “boost” your post, turning that video into a compelling ad that reaches your target market.

Facebook advertising is one of the most potent ways to increase brand awareness on social media. It will put you in front of a larger audience whose demographics you select. It’s like a billboard that only certain cars see, the ones you think are more likely to need your services. But unlike a billboard, you’re just paying for the people who look at your ad instead of every car on the road.

million Americans are on Facebook

million people are watching Facebook videos every day.


Users retain 95% of a message on video.

Go with the pros

You need to pack a lot of information in a small window of time for your videos to work. And that can seem overwhelming. Your best bet is to work with people who create videos, especially if they’ve used to tailoring your message to legal consumers. It’ll take the time needed to write a script and shoot off your hands, and that means getting back to the clients who need your help.

Social video helps put your law firm’s name in the heads of more Facebook users, many of whom may need an attorney soon. And people want to buy from names they’ve heard before. So put on a smile, hit record and get your name out there.

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