Marketing a law firm: How to measure important KPIs

As an attorney at a solo or small law firm, you’re accustomed to answering clients’ questions, providing sound advice, and helping legal consumers navigate complex legal issues. This is why you went to law school. It’s what you love to do. And you’re good at it. But in today’s competitive legal landscape, it takes more than being an experienced and accomplished attorney to acquire new clients and grow your business. You need to know the ins and outs of marketing a law firm.

In a recent webcast titled Gaining insight: How to properly track your law firm’s marketing performance, FindLaw marketing experts shared insights about the digital marketing landscape and ways law firms can use data to inform business decisions and measure success.

Below are questions posed by webcast attendees along with answers from our seasoned legal marketing pros.

Webcast Q&As

Q: How can I tell how my marketing performance stacks up against competitor firms?

A: Today’s legal market is really competitive and a lot of firms worry about whether or not they’re doing enough marketing or have the right mix of legal marketing solutions. While it can be tempting to compare your firm’s marketing performance against those of competitor firms, the most important thing is to truly understand how your firm is doing. Reviewing your firm’s performance data — including leads, page views, and referral traffic — on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis provides benchmarks upon which you can work to improve. Remember, digital marketing takes time to build momentum. Be patient, stay dialed in, and give your current marketing strategy time to work. Having a firm grasp of your firm’s marketing performance will provide the insight you need to make adjustments to your marketing plan down the road and edge out competitors.

Q: How can I measure my law firm’s marketing ROI?

A: To measure your marketing ROI, you need to define what success means for your firm. Yes, you want more clients, but how are you going to achieve this goal? What are your marketing numbers telling you? Set clear KPIs (key performance indicators) for your integrated digital marketing strategy and take stock of how you’re measuring against those KPIs on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. How many calls are coming in? What about the number of positive versus negative online reviews? How are your directory and PPC campaigns doing? Is your website’s SEO strategy delivering? Also, keep in mind that it’s not just about the number of leads your firm gets, but also about the quality of those leads and the actions your firm takes to engage and convert those leads into clients.

Q: Our firm knows that online reviews are important. But what’s the best way to ask clients for a review?

A: Attorneys and firms need to take an active role in managing their online reputations. When it comes to soliciting clients for reviews; your firm’s size, practice area, and personality all play a role. For example, firms that have a marketing team may leverage this resource when asking for reviews. At solo firms or those without dedicated marketing resources, attorneys may directly solicit reviews via client conversations or communications. Many firms realize they need help in this area. At FindLaw, we have established successful methods for soliciting online reviews using email, social media and website solutions. We also counsel and assist firms on how to manage negative reviews.

Measuring marketing success at your firm

A legal consumer’s journey is complicated and law firms must take steps to connect with consumers along every step of the way to build awareness, credibility and trust. But marketing a law firm isn’t a science, it’s an art. And the strategies and solutions that work for one firm may not be as effective for another. To attract, engage, and convert clients, law firms must take steps to build an integrated digital marketing strategy and establish and track clear KPIs.

Need help tracking your law firm’s marketing performance? Learn more about how to track your law firm’s marketing performance by tuning into our on-demand webcast.

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