Tailoring Your Website (And Your Ads) for Hispanic Consumers

If you’re over the age of 34, the idea of tossing out your desktop or laptop computer and moving to a mobile-only experience probably seems crazy. Then again, ten years ago, we thought people who had ditched their land-line telephone were outliers.

But if you want a sense of what the future holds, look to the Millennials. Nine percent of those 18-34 year olds are mobile-only web users. That doesn’t sound like much, but break the numbers down a little more and you’ll find something really fascinating: Hispanic millennials are mobile-only at an astonishing 40 percent!

Put another way, nearly half of the fastest growing demographic in the largest generation since the Baby Boomers are so accustomed to the mobile computing experience, they may never see your website as you envision it today.

Want more food for thought? FindLaw’s 2018 U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey found that 18-34 year-old consumers were the number two most common legal consumers behind – you guessed it – baby boomers. (You can read more about that survey in our white paper.)

Let’s put it all together: Millennials make up the second largest legal consumer base in the U.S. and within that group, the fastest growing segment is so accustomed to their smartphone or tablet that it’s their only conduit to the web.

So what’s a law firm to do?

We’ve addressed some general tips for reaching the Hispanic market before. But in light of the information above, embracing the mobile tendencies of the Hispanic consumer is an obvious choice.

First on the docket is getting your website mobile-friendly. Google’s April 2015 change already brought this to the forefront of every marketer’s mind. But if you’re targeting a Hispanic audience, go further than “mobile friendly.” Invest your time and money in a fully responsive design that presents your firm in the best manner possible on the small screen. Remember, the mobile configuration of your website may be the only version your target market ever sees.

Once your site is ready to wow your audience, bring them to you with mobile-focused advertising. If your law firm’s practice area supports the demographics, a PPC campaign that targets Hispanic mobile users just might be the secret sauce your firm has been looking for. Imagine it: a targeted, informed ad campaign that delivers the contacts you want to a website that works.

Lastly, support your online presence with off-site activity as well. Spanish-language legal directories are an easy way to put your name directly in front of an audience that is clearly intent on finding a lawyer. Plus, these listings don’t involve a lot of legwork to get running.

For small law firms, the dream of targeting a specific segment of consumers with sophisticated market data is possible. But certain aspects like responsive websites and granular advertising take serious expertise and insight. If you’re ready to make the most of the opportunity Hispanics represent, reach out to a professional today.

Editor’s Note: Originally published April 25, 2016 and updated May 17, 2019

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