The benefits of live chat

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We’ve all seen them. Those little, live chat boxes on websites across the internet. Just sitting there, waiting to provide friendly answers to all of our questions. But right under our noses, those unassuming live chat features have risen to become one of the most powerful online customer service tools. The boom in popularity of live chat tools can be attributed to three distinct features: ease of use, availability, and satisfaction. Each of which presents potential benefits for law firms.

The feature: Live chat is easy to use

Theoretically, the easier something is to do; the more people will do it. Live chats make contacting a law firm extremely easy. A website visitor can simply click or tap on a live chat box, and type in their question. There aren’t multiple questionnaires to fill out or frustrating interactive voice response menus. They get immediate and direct communication, without the pressure of a phone call or the formality of an email.

The benefit: Lawyers get more clients

Research shows that live chat solutions are one of the most popular contact channels among millennials. With this generation now firmly in the forefront of the world’s economy, their legal needs are sure to grow with them. Lawyers who use live chat, can connect with legal consumers who need help quickly. That’s important because our most recent U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey indicates that the first lawyer a person contact is usually the one they end up hiring. So, presenting this easy-to-use option will likely earn you more potential clients. 

The feature: Live chats are available 24/7

Let’s face it, you can’t always be on the job. And while most client contacts come in during regular business hours, your website never goes to sleep. Having a live chat contact method allows potential clients to get in touch with your firm at a time that is convenient for them. This always-on, service can deliver opportunities that you might otherwise miss out on.

The benefit: You can always be there

In 2019, almost half of the legal consumers we surveyed expected to hear back from the attorney they contacted on the same day. In fact, one of the top reasons why legal consumers contact a second attorney is because the first did not respond quickly enough. With live chat, law firms can meet that expectation regardless of when the prospective client contacts you.

The feature: Live chats can boost visitor satisfaction

Across the web, live chats are overwhelmingly used for basic customer service issues, quickly answering many user questions. For law firms, this functionality can be used to easily vet potential clients based on the questions they ask. Qualifying opportunities can be sent to a lawyer for a more thorough discussion of a potential case, while those with more general inquiries can get a satisfying answer to their query in very little time.

The benefit: Law firms can work more efficiently

A lawyer’s reputation has always been one of the most important considerations for legal consumers. Live chat helps small firms maintain that reputation with fast and helpful responses, without getting caught in the weeds of vetting every individual prospect. This means your team can focus on practicing law while still being responsive to every potential client. The value of great customer service cannot be overstated in the legal realm.

FindLaw can provide your firm with an always-on live chat service that is constantly monitored by representatives who can accurately evaluate the needs of your potential clients. Learn more about our chat and call answering services.

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