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  What sets FindLaw apart from other marketing vendors?

  Strategic direction

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  How FindLaw provides insight and results

Imagine a scenario where your law firm’s digital marketing program just isn’t working. Say you’re ready to make a change and are considering your options when it comes to selecting a new marketing provider or vendor. Maybe you were previously working with multiple vendors and finally grew tired of the siloed approach, poor communication, or the lack of helpful analytics reporting. Or maybe you were promised certain numbers when it came to leads, website visits, and business growth that never materialized. 

There are several reasons why it could be time for you and your law firm to find a new marketing provider. Let’s take a closer look at why thousands of solo and small law firms trust FindLaw for their digital marketing needs.  

What sets FindLaw apart from other marketing vendors?

FindLaw only partners with solo and small law firms. That means our digital marketing experts have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that firms like yours face every day. They know the legal market and, most importantly, they know legal consumers – including how they find and decide to hire a lawyer. Plus, our comprehensive marketing solutions and integrated approach can be tailored to meet any and every firm’s needs and goals.  

Let’s look at the following advantages FindLaw provides solo and small law firms, and why we should be your next – and last – marketing vendor.  

Strategic direction

When your firm partners with FindLaw, you get personalized service. That means our digital marketing experts don’t just assume they know your firm’s goals. They ask questions and listen — to learn about you, your firm, and what makes you unique. They want to understand your business goals and where you want to be in the next year, or even in the next five or ten years.  

With this information in mind, they present recommendations on the solutions that will help you achieve or surpass your specific goals. If those goals shift or change, they respond and are there to provide the information and advice you need to weather all of the ups and downs of running a solo or small law firm.   

An integrated digital marketing approach

FindLaw delivers a customized and integrated marketing approach that is specifically tailored to your firm’s short and long-term goals. Maybe your law firm’s goals include adding and growing a new practice area, or your main focus is on building brand recognition as the go-to workers’ compensation or DUI defense law firm in your local area.  

Our experienced team of digital marketing experts work together to build a comprehensive marketing strategy to help drive results. From websites, SEO services, and blogs to social media, pay-per-click ads, and legal directory listings, they continually monitor performance and are able to identify which marketing solutions make the most sense for your firm’s goals. With FindLaw, it’s never a ‘set it and forget it’ strategy. We examine which marketing solutions are driving results and make adjustments based on changes at your firm or dips within the legal or financial landscape.  

How FindLaw provides insight and results

When you choose FindLaw as your digital marketing partner, you always know how your marketing program is performing. With our INSIGHT performance analytics platform, your firm has 24/7 access to a user-friendly interface where you can easily see and track how all of your marketing solutions are performing.  

Whether you’re studying impressions and clicks to your FindLaw ads and website traffic sources or reviewing pay-per-click metrics and the performance of your Google Business Profile,  INSIGHT provides the context you and your firm need to understand the value of your marketing investment. Plus, you’ll be able to see exactly how many calls, emails, and chats to your firm are attributed to FindLaw sources, as well as receive information about the strategic updates routinely made by your FindLaw team.  

Learn more about FindLaw and things to look for in a marketing vendor by downloading our guide, 5 things to consider before hiring a legal marketing partner

5 things to consider before hiring a legal marketing partner

This guide discusses:

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  • How the ideal provider can meet your law firm’s current and future needs
  • Why partnering with a provider that specifically caters to attorneys and law firms matters

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