Why FindLaw? What it means to be a one-stop-shop lawyer marketing vendor

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Chances are good your alma mater didn’t have a “Marketing Your Practice 101″ course. But hey, you know a little bit about marketing, right? That’s why when you heard about that marketing agency that made nice-looking websites, you figured working with them was a good decision. The problem was, that marketing agency didn’t have any SEO capabilities, so you had to work with another vendor for that.

And when you wanted to add a blog, you had to start working with a freelancer referred to you by the SEO vendor, because they were at capacity and couldn’t take you on as a content creation client. Before you knew it, you were suddenly working with (or trying to work with) three different providers, shelling out more than you intended, and aren’t exactly sure what you bought, because your various products don’t seem to be clicking with one another.

At FindLaw, we’ve heard versions of this story many times. We recognize juggling multiple digital marketing vendors is a pain point for small law firms and solo attorneys, so we have made it easy. We’re a one-stop vendor that can provide the best products and solutions for digital legal marketing, and we’re staffed by professionals who understand law, lawyers, and online consumer behavior — a trifecta of expertise. In this blog series, we’ll help you understand why FindLaw is the right choice for you.

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Here are five reasons why FindLaw stands above the rest:

1. We work with lawyers and lawyers only.

Cafeterias are perfectly fine, but because they serve so many things to so many people, nothing about them really stands out. That’s why when you want steak, you go somewhere known for steak and steak only — it’s what they do and what they are good at. In a way, this is analogous to FindLaw. We don’t work with insurance companies, mortgage brokers, or health care professionals. As a lawyer marketing company, we work with lawyers and lawyers only. Law and the needs of solo attorneys and small law firms are what we know, what we are good at, and a major part of what makes us the best option for your marketing needs.

2. We can identify what’s working with your marketing plan and what isn’t.

When you work with FindLaw, you aren’t left on your own as soon as you sign on the dotted line. We’re invested in your success, and a major way we show that is by continually monitoring the performance of your products and overall digital legal marketing campaign. Our INSIGHT Performance Analytics Dashboard provides clients like you with both raw data and polished analysis, so that you understand what return on investment you’re getting and where, if anywhere, you might want to think about making some changes. While it’s meant to work as a self-service tool, you don’t have to use it alone – it comes with a built-in one-step means of contacting FindLaw, should you have any questions or concerns.

3. We provide a full suite of options.

At FindLaw, we know no two law firms are exactly alike. That’s why we offer a wide array of solutions meant to fit an equally broad spectrum of budgets and goals. Whether you are looking only for a directory listing or a knock-em-dead website that will really impress potential clients, we can accommodate the unique needs of each client we serve.

For example, for solo attorneys who are just getting off the ground, we’re happy to provide cost-effective standalone solutions like Pay-Pay-Click Advertising and Directory Listings, whereas more established law firms may need a larger portfolio of interlocking marketing techniques to gain an edge on the competition and reach the next level. No matter how much you spend with us, you get the same top-notch level of performance: Visitors to our legal directory websites, such as FindLaw.com, are three times more likely to contact your firm than are visitors who come from Google, for example.

4. We’re powered by research and development.

FindLaw has spent years studying how consumers behave online, so we know what they’re looking for and how they go about finding it. Because we’ve been consistent in educating ourselves about how consumers behave, we see changes and trends faster and thoroughly (and if you think online consumer behavior hasn’t changed, remember MapQuest?) Many lawyer marketing companies don’t prioritize updating their thinking as much as FindLaw does, and that puts them at risk for advising stale courses of action or pushing products that can only underperform. You’ll never get those things working with FindLaw.

5. We recognize the importance of strategy.

Plenty of places will happily sell you something off the shelf, so to speak. What many of those places can’t do is match FindLaw’s investment of resources and brainpower in developing products that function optimally and devising strategies for how solo and small law attorneys can use them to their best effect. When you work with FindLaw, you aren’t merely purchasing an item. You’re hiring the digital legal marketing industry’s strongest and most powerful player, and are entering into a relationship that will enhance your business, leave you with more time to practice law, and make for a brighter tomorrow.

To provide an example, read about our relationship with The Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe, a solo attorney who wanted more and better clients without attracting so much new business that he’d have to hire more staff. We worked with Jeffrey to attract more desirable clients with a directory listing, and then re-engineered his website to better capture the increase in potential client interest. The result? Exactly what he wanted. “I knew I wanted to grow the firm, but I wanted to grow at a rate I was comfortable with,” he said. “FindLaw was able to strike that balance.”

Ultimately, if you decide to work with a lawyer marketing company, you are welcome to shop around. We say that because we are confident no one else can provide you — a hardworking solo or small law attorney with too much on your plate already — the service, results, and confidence that we can. With us, you’ll get the best, and you’ll get more time and energy to invest back in your practice and in yourself.

Read the second post in our blog series, then reach out to us to learn how we can help you reach new professional heights.

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