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In our two previous posts, we’ve highlighted several of the key benefits to working with FindLaw — we’re a one-stop vendor for solo attorneys and small law firms, we research developments in the business of doing law and changes in online consumer behavior, and we work with lawyers and lawyers only.

For the final installment of our three-part series, we’ll take a look at one more chief attribute of FindLaw: We’re backed by Thomson Reuters, a major multinational company that helps professionals work smarter, operate more efficiently, and provide clients with ever-better service. Here are three reasons why having Thomson Reuters as a parent company should help you realize working with FindLaw is the right decision for your legal marketing consulting and services needs:

1. Thomson Reuters saw something in us. You’ll see it, too.

Thomson Reuters believed in the value FindLaw brings to small law firms and solo attorneys. If a major international company vouches for us, you can rest assured that you’re working with a digital legal marketing vendor that has something very real to offer.

2. FindLaw benefits from Thomson Reuters’ research and development.

FindLaw conducts its own research and development, but benefits from that performed by Thomson Reuters, too. Our products and services are suffused with the brainpower, technology, and market research that Thomson Reuters has performed (and continues to perform) to enhance the way professionals conduct business.

3. Training and education keep us on top.

Everyone at both Thomson Reuters and FindLaw is at the top of their field. Our professionals and legal marketing consultants are trained and continuously educated to ensure that the service they provide matches the unparalleled performance of our products. No other digital legal marketing vendors can compare to us on either front.

Powered by Thomson Reuters, FindLaw is your one-stop provider to market your law firm. Schedule a consultation today to learn how we can help your firm grow.

Stories of success: How we’ve helped

When it comes to the power of working with Thomson Reuters-backed FindLaw, you don’t have to take our word for it.

Chayet & Danzo

Take that of Marco Chayet, the managing partner of Chayet & Danzo, an eight-attorney elder law firm with three offices across Colorado.

Chayet & Danzo had achieved a high level of success thanks to positive word of mouth generated by its attorneys’ careful and ethical representation and industry accolades. But as more firms moved in to the elder law field, Marco realized he needed to go further to retain his firm’s position at the top of Colorado elder law. More than a decade ago, he began working with FindLaw on a multi-pronged strategy to take better advantage of the Internet and seek out consumers with an elder law legal need.

The results Chayet & Danzo and FindLaw achieved speak for themselves: Visits to Chayet & Danzo’s FindLaw website have increased 28% year over year each year since 2015; and visits from social media now account for 8.6% of website visits, as compared to a mere 0.03% before the firm began using FindLaw’s social media services in 2016. Marco has said he counts on FindLaw expertise to stay abreast of changes in online consumer behavior — and thus keep his law firm on top of it, too.

“As the world of business development for attorneys changes, FindLaw has most certainly changed with it,” Marco said.

Bononi Law Group LLP

Chayet & Danzo’s success with FindLaw isn’t an outlier. Just ask Michael J. Bononi, managing partner of Bononi Law Group LLP in Los Angeles. His law firm represents clients facing employment, business, and commercial disputes, and has to cut through a lot of noise to reach consumers with a legal need and show them it’s the right choice of counsel. In the years he’s worked with FindLaw, Michael has appreciated how proactive FindLaw has been at assessing whether his mix of digital legal marketing products is working and whether a different approach — even if it involves fewer product offerings — would be a better and more sensible use of resources.

“We depend upon FindLaw. It’s the lifeblood of our firm,” he said. “Without them, I would be in a world of hurt in this practice.”

The work FindLaw has done for Chayet & Danzo and Bononi Law Group is representative of the kind of partnerships we form with small law firms and solo attorneys across the country.

Thousands trust us as their legal marketing partner and consultant

Thousands of firms have trusted us with their marketing for more than 25 years, and with the support of Thomson Reuters, we provide digital legal marketing services, consultation, and products all in one place — and help lawyers actually practice law rather than fretting over marketing. Reach out to us today to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

Why FindLaw? What it means to be a one-stop-shop legal marketing vendor

We’re a one-stop vendor that can provide the best products and solutions for digital legal marketing, and we’re staffed by professionals who understand law, lawyers, and online consumer behavior — a trifecta of expertise.

Why FindLaw? Why hiring a qualified legal marketing expert matters

Many solo and small law attorneys that FindLaw work with are able to have the kind of careers and lives they want, because we take care of so much for them.

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