The value of having your marketing “under one roof” with FindLaw

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Working at a small or solo law firm has taught you to be resourceful. You’re used to problem-solving and finding creative solutions to squeeze as many productive hours out of your day as possible. But you went to law school to practice law. And when it comes to marketing your law firm, you know it makes sense to turn to professionals who understand the ins and outs of digital marketing.  

 A quick internet search for digital marketing solutions returns thousands of businesses promising to deliver optimum results. But many specialize in one area of digital marketing and few within the legal field. So you end up hiring one company to design your website, another to implement an SEO strategy to drive prospective clients to that website, a third company to run your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and a fourth to manage your social media channels. But you soon realize that all of these companies — and the digital programs they’re running — are working in a vacuum.  

As the scenario above illustrates, an á la carte approach isn’t an effective way to market your law firm. What you need is an overarching strategy that helps you achieve your business goals using an integrated approach. Let’s take a look at five reasons why it pays to have all of your marketing under one roof.

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5 benefits of hiring one marketing vendor

1. Streamlined communication

When you turn to a single vendor like FindLaw for all of your digital marketing needs, you have one point of contact. This means you have a trusted resource you can turn to for everything from website content and design updates to questions related to your SEO and PPC strategies. It also means you’ll know exactly who to contact and experience a lot less confusion, frustration and delays.  

2. Simplified tracking and reporting

Having all of your firm’s marketing efforts delivered through one vendor makes the process of tracking data and measuring performance seamless. FindLaw continually monitors how all of your digital marketing solutions perform and you always have ready access to this information through FindLaw’s INSIGHT Performance Analytics Dashboard, which provides a comprehensive view of your marketing program’s performance.  

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3. Cost-effectiveness

Hiring multiple vendors to run independent parts of your digital marketing program means that fees, add-ons, and upgrades add up quickly and tend to equate to diminished returns. But working with one vendor often allows for services to be bundled and can add up to big cost savings compared to hiring multiple vendors for different tasks.

4. Time efficiency

By partnering with a single digital marketing vendor, lawyers at solo and small law firms don’t waste precious time trying to manage multiple marketing service providers. This means you can reclaim your time and focus on helping clients and practicing law while FindLaw works to build, manage, and grow your firm’s digital marketing capabilities.  

5. Expertise and specialization

FindLaw only works with law firms. Our digital marketing professionals have a deep understanding of the legal field and the nuances that make it and your specific practice areas unique. This deep knowledge and experience helps us quickly identify challenges and opportunities and work to implement effective digital marketing strategies to overcome and capitalize on those challenges and opportunities. 

Choose FindLaw for your legal digital marketing performance

Hiring multiple marketing vendors to build a website, create a SEO program and manage your firm’s social media channels means that your digital marketing program will be siloed, not strategic. When it comes to devising an effective digital marketing strategy for your law firm, your investment should compound and pay dividends for years to come.  

At FindLaw, we offer a full suite of marketing solutions that includes content, web design, SEO, paid advertising, directory listings and analytics. What does this mean for you and your law firm? We don’t just sell you a website and end the relationship — we partner with you and are there every step of the way to help your firm grow. Reach out for a consultation today and learn how we can assist your firm in making strategic, data-driven decisions. 

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