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In marketing, tried-and-true doesn’t always get its due. Maybe that’s because the stalwart performers aren’t the flashiest, or maybe it’s because there is often something newer and shinier to pay attention to. In any event, it’s unfortunate – unfortunate, but also a very real opportunity for your law firm.

If peer firms in your market aren’t looking at and thinking about the marketing tools that are solid, trustworthy performers, then you stand to benefit if you engage with those tools and they don’t. is an excellent example. It’s a directory—think a phone book optimized for the Internet era—and, with an occasional tune-up to keep its performance high, has been a reliable part of FindLaw’s portfolio for years.

Here are 10 reasons your law firm would do well to think about incorporating into its marketing mix:

  1. Easy to establish: A directory listing on doesn’t require much by way of setup. Once you decide the kind of listing you want, you just have to provide accurate listing information. From there, FindLaw does the rest.
  2. …and low-maintenance: No marketing technique is set-it-and-forget-it, but directories like are about as close as they come. You have to make sure the information on your listing is up-to-date, but beyond that, FindLaw does the heavy lifting for you. That’s meaningful to time-strapped lawyers who want to practice law and run their businesses, not spend time learning the intricacies of digital marketing.
  3. Simple and straightforward: Sometimes, it can be hard to get buy-in from decision-makers at your firm who are suspicious of marketing. If that describes your law firm, might be an easy sell. Most people understand that it’s like a digital phone book, and that makes it easy to say “yes” to.
  4. Low barrier to entry: is one of FindLaw’s most cost-effective tools. That makes it especially appealing to law firms that have not traditionally spent much on marketing themselves or are just getting started. If the COVID-19 pandemic was hard on your practice area and your marketing budget is leaner than it once was, is definitely worth a second look.
  5. Bespoke audience: The people who visit aren’t idly perusing the Internet. They’re consumers with a legal need who are looking for legal information and options for representation. In other words, they’re looking for you. That’s not an audience you get on general review websites, where visitors could be looking for anything from a part-time nanny to French lessons.
  6. Ready-made credibility: There’s a lot of information on the Internet, and when consumers are unfamiliar with their options (like legal services), they often look for third-party verification to validate their choice. A listing on a directory like lets them know that the law firm they’re learning about is legitimate. That’s a vote of confidence that can be hard to find elsewhere.
  7. Behind-the-scenes support: The Internet changes quickly, and consumer search patterns morph just as swiftly. FindLaw is constantly working behind the scenes to make sure all of its products, including, are fine-tuned to deliver for you.
  8. Safety and security: There are other marketing firms out there, but few can say they work only with law firms like FindLaw can. Furthermore, FindLaw is backed by the power and authority of its parent company, Thomson Reuters. There’s no danger that we’re going to fly by night. Not everyone else can say that.
  9. A competitive advantage: might be FindLaw’s best-kept secret. If other firms in your market aren’t using it and you are, you have an ace up your sleeve. In an industry where it can be hard for consumers to tell one enterprise from another, that’s immensely valuable.
  10. More calls from the clients you want:’s value is that it puts your information right in front of not just anybody, but people who are actively looking for it. That means your law firm has the best chance to get more calls, more emails, and more inquiries from the type of clients you are looking for, and if you play your cards right, that means more business and a better balance sheet.

Taken together, these 10 points have hopefully shown you that is a cost-effective, primed-and-ready performer with a solid track record that has very real potential for your law firm. It’s well worth considering the next time you’re evaluating your law firm’s marketing spend.

If what we’ve said here has piqued your interest, learn more about and FindLaw’s other directory options.

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