Use Love Your Lawyer Day to Engage in Your Neighborhood

Happy Love your Lawyer Day! Now that the ABA officially recognizes a day to celebrate lawyers around the country, the holiday has gained traction and visibility among attorneys and the general public. Whether you spend the day being showered with praise or simply taking the time appreciate your colleagues, Love Your Lawyer Day is an opportunity for your firm. Why not use it to sew some goodwill among your local community? Take the time to give back by supporting or bringing awareness to causes your firm is passionate about.

Find Local Opportunities to Give Back

A recent study by the Thomson Reuters Solo and Small Law Firm Group asked attorneys what their goals and priorities were for their practice. Most firms said enhancing their reputation in the local community was of the highest importance. But that can be tougher than it should be, even for the best of attorneys.

Both television and Hollywood regularly play out stereotypes of greedy, arrogant lawyers – often in the same show with an attorney as the protagonist! This makes it hard to create a positive reputation in your neighborhood. After all, how can someone develop an accurate impression of you if the only attorneys they know are fictional characters? Participating in charity or service events on Love Your Lawyer day (or any other day for that matter) gives you the opportunity to fight that stigma. One idea is to choose a philanthropic organization such as a food drive or homeless shelter where you can volunteer your firm’s time. Depending on your practice area and relationships, you can even invite former or current clients to help participate in your day of giving.

Using charity outreach and service in your neighborhood is a great way to establish and maintain your practice. Not only does it get your name out in the public, but it allows you to interact with people in your community, ones who in the future may need legal assistance or know someone who does.

Be Authentic on Social

While good works are in and of themselves rewarding, they are also beneficial in reaching out to prospective clients. Legal consumers are turning to social media in greater numbers, where presenting an authentic, unique side of your firm is crucial.

Users are on social media because they’re tired of the polished, overly edited version of a company’s brand. So when you do perform outreach in your community, share that on your social page, especially through pictures. It may seem self serving, but it goes a long way in courting those prospects who turn to Facebook or Twitter to validate their attorney.

What about your firm? Are you doing anything to recognize Love Your Lawyer Day? Comment below or let us know on Facebook.

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