What are the legal trends in marketing for 2023? Top 3 trends and tips​

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Trends by definition are changing patterns of the way things are done, and in marketing AI is the main story. In this blog post we’ve tracked what is and what isn’t an actual legal marketing trend that’s going to be beneficial for your law firm or legal team. After all, simply listing the entire gamut of marketing tactics is not a reliable summary of actual trends that might be worth adopting in your marketing plans.

Trends in marketing  can also refer to changes in consumer behavior or preferences that are driving legal consumers to resolve legal matters, including hiring an attorney.

Listed at the end of this post are all the consumer legal surveys conducted by the FindLaw team over the years. Come back here every year to better understand how legal consumers think, feel, and act.

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1 – AI and content automation

Artificial intelligence and generative AI in particular is already revolutionizing content creation for al marketers, including those serving law firms. From chatbots to Natural Language Processing to automated content generation, these technologies are helping firms to provide more personalized and efficient services to get more done with less for a growing volume of marketing tasks.

For instance, larger law firms can truly enhance. their blog and content creation with tools such as Writer to use generative AI to produce content through secure and private means.


2 – Google’s Search Generative Experience

When ChatGPT stormed the world, Google quickly came out with a response with Bard. Then recently, they’ve started rolling out Search Generative Experience for users to get AI-powered overviews in the conventional search experience.

This means it’s important for law firms and attorneys to gain source links that SGE results will display for legal consumers as shown below:

[mobile screenshot]

How is this achieved? Organic search rankings for localized searches like “family attorney in dallas” will likely promote your link in the new Search Generative Experience.


3- Use of video content

Video content will continue to be a key component of legal marketing strategies as businesses seek to better engage with their audiences. More people are watching videos on mobile devices, and more videos are appearing in organic search results for certain topics, so it’s important to optimize videos for mobile viewing.

Law firms should also consider live streaming events, such as webinars or Q&A sessions, to provide valuable information and build relationships with their audiences. By creating educational and engaging content, solo attorneys and law firms can help to demonstrate their expertise and position themselves as thought leaders in their practice area.


It’s fascinating to see how much has changed throughout the years of conducting these surveys. But some overall, trends  don’t change entirely.

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2014 US Consumer Legal Needs Survey: How legal consumers find an attorney


Find success by combining these trends and tips

The old saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” holds true for online legal marketing. Instead of choosing one approach to reach potential clients, it’s important that your law firm is trying out a few different strategies and adjusting as needed.

We understand that’s no small task. FindLaw is here to help keep an eye on these evolving legal marketing trends and provide resources to keep up with legal consumer needs. We can also help implement any of these strategies for your firm, and more.

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