When One Law Firm Has Two (Or More) Phone Numbers

“Should I use a call tracking number or my ‘real’ phone number?”

This is one of the most common questions law firms ask when building a website with FindLaw. Like many aspects of law firm marketing, the answer isn’t always one or always the other. The best strategy is actually a mix of the two. But fortunately, the rules are pretty straightforward.

Where To Use Call Tracking Numbers

A call tracking number is a custom telephone number that only exists online. Attorneys use these numbers to track the effectiveness of certain marketing campaigns. For that reason, it’s important to only use this number in specific circumstances. (Put another way: If you’re tracking everything, you’re not tracking anything.) For FindLaw clients, we recommend a call tracking number be placed in the following locations:

  1. In the website header: The call tracking number should be displayed near the top of the website. This can include the Navigation Menu, Header Content, or the “Hero” content.
  2. Within your website’s content: If a phone number is used within the body content of the site, it should be the call tracking number.
  3. As part of your website’s design: If a phone number is part of your site’s visual design, use your call tracking number. Just remember to use styled text for your numbers instead of graphics.
  4. Within your FindLaw Directory listing: List your call tracking number first on your firm’s FindLaw Directory profile. If you have a local phone number, use that as your secondary number.

What About The Local Phone Number?

Your law firm’s local phone number still plays a vital role in local search visibility. Giving short shrift to this number could be disastrous in that regard. So to balance tracking with local search engine optimization, use your local phone number in these instances:

  1. In your website’s footer: Your website’s footer (or near it) probably contains a Name-Address-Phone (NAP) block. This is the place for your local number.
  2. On your Location page: If your website includes a dedicated page for your office’s location, go ahead and list your local number here as well.
  3. On your firm’s Google My Business listing: Because of the role it plays in SEO, your local destination phone number should be the only phone number on your law firm’s Google My Business listing.

For those law firms with a branded phone number…

Admittedly, things can get a little more complex in these cases. If your law firm has invested a great deal of money and time towards establishing and distributing a branded phone number, keeping that number might be your best move. In that case, we recommend speaking to your FindLaw representative to discuss next steps. We’re ready to help.

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