Your Next Client Wants to Hire You – Now!

When someone calls your firm seeking legal representation, make no mistake: That potential client is yours to lose.

That’s because most likely, that legal consumer isn’t shopping around—he or she already has done the research. Now you need to make sure that you follow through.

That’s one of the many business-building lessons you’ll find in a new white paper from FindLaw on legal consumer behavior. The white paper’s insights are rooted primarily on FindLaw’s 2015 U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey which queried 2,000 consumers age 18 and older who dealt with at least one legal issue they considered somewhat or very important in the past 12 months.

In addition, the white paper taps into FindLaw’s expertise in legal marketing, resulting in ready-to-wear marketing strategies for law firms of all sizes, locations and specialties.

The overarching takeaway in FindLaw’s newest white paper is this: when consumers find themselves facing a legal issue like a car accident or estate planning, they typically react quickly. Fueled by emotional factors such as worries over money or even jail time, they have a strong urge to find an attorney as soon as possible. And thanks to online technology’s ever-expanding capabilities in search and online reviews, their quest to find the best attorney often starts and finishes within the span of a few days – or even less! Among survey respondents, one in five take action within a day of encountering or identifying a legal need.

It’s true that many consumers still get referrals from friends, family or coworkers. But legal consumers are changing along with technology. And you need to position your firm so that it is the one they find and choose.

How is that done? By understanding today’s legal consumers and crafting an integrated marketing strategy that reaches them wherever they’re looking, online and off. Using insights from our 2015 survey, this paper will explore the common stages that modern legal consumers follow on their journey from recognizing a legal need to choosing a firm to represent them. Along the way, we’ll demonstrate that consumers are now searching for and evaluating law firms simultaneously and what this means for your firm as you develop methods for converting consumer behavior into new business.

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