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Today's digital economy is becoming increasingly complex and a professional law firm website is no longer enough to attract clients through the web.
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Online consumer behavior is shifting rapidly. Today, more than half of all internet connections are made through a tablet or smartphone. In addition, internet users are spending an increasing amount of time watching videos and interacting on social media sites such as Facebook. To compete in today’s digital marketplace, you need a multi-pronged strategy that capitalizes on this consumer behavioral shift. But how do you come up with such a strategy and where do you even start? That’s where FindLaw’s expertise can help.

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Todd Stanley

Los Angeles Lawyer Marketing Consultant

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My name is Todd Stanley and I’m your FindLaw attorney marketing specialist for Los Angeles. I’ve been doing sales and digital marketing since 2006, and I started with FindLaw in September of 2014. I specialize in creating customized attorney integrated marketing plans that help area law firms grow and prosper. I am a tireless advocate for my clients and always do what is in their best interests. Honesty and integrity are the primary reasons my clients put their trust in me. My clients gain an active partner who continuously ensures their marketing campaigns are always on track toward achieving their goals. If you are looking for better results from your internet marketing efforts, I am here to help. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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FindLaw has local specialists who are in touch with the Los Angeles legal market. They live in the area, they know what is happening on the ground, what marketing strategies are working, and what are not. Our specialists are also internet marketing experts who work closely with FindLaw’s industry leading legal marketing solutions. They utilize these solutions to develop customized integrated strategies that help area attorneys and law firms achieve their goals and maximize return on investment. FindLaw has partnered with legal professionals throughout the nation. Attorney web marketing is all we do, and we have the proven tools and expertise necessary to help lawyers and law firms thrive within their local online marketplace.

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Todd, in his own words.

I love helping my clients grow their businesses by choosing the right marketing portfolio for their needs. I also love hearing from my clients when they get new and more profitable cases to their firm.


Legal directory marketing and social media marketing are two of the best methods to drive more potential clients to a law firm. Working in sync with our other top integrated solutions, they form a powerful combination that positions legal professionals to significantly expand their digital footprint.

FindLaw is the industry leader in digital legal marketing. We have the resources and talent and to uncover unique opportunities to drive more clients for lawyers and law firms. Between our integrated strategies, legal directories, PPC and social media marketing we can do it all for our clients. Lastly, we REALLY understand their business and what they need and want because FindLaw has been successfully helping law firms for over 20 years!

Los Angeles Integrated Lawyer Online Marketing

The legal landscape in Downtown LA is constantly changing. The market here is highly competitive with countless law firms of all types and sizes in a condensed area. Because of the heavy competition, even in communities outside of the city, law firms need to be on top of their game to effectively compete.

FindLaw’s leading integrated legal web marketing solutions give Los Angeles attorneys the cutting edge tools they need to stand out from the competition. Our premium attorney websites present a highly professional image with content written by experts with in-depth knowledge of your area of the law. Our high-traffic Legal Directory provides attorneys with immediate contact to potential clients, and our online videos allow legal professionals to speak directly to their target audience, so consumers can get to know them personally. These and our other top integrated solutions work synergistically to achieve your business growth goals.

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