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4 Pay-per-click Advertising Strategies For Law Firms


Lots of attorneys dip their toes into pay-per-click advertising only to pull away after being burned by disappointing results. They underestimate the complexity behind these small ads and wind up losing money and time on campaigns that barely make it off the ground.

The truth of the matter is that PPC advertising is far more sophisticated than most attorneys realize. Successful campaigns typically require extensive industry knowledge, keyword research and ongoing analysis to maximize your firm’s budget and achieve a positive ROI. If it sounds a lot more complicated than a phone book ad, that’s because it is complicated. But it’s also far more targeted and powerful than previous forms of advertising ever were.

Want to learn more? Listen to this webcast to discover what really goes into a successful pay-per-click advertising campaign and the four ways your law firm can use PPC to support your broader marketing strategy to bring in more qualified clients.


Eli Romberg

Eli Romberg

Strategic Partner Manager, Google

Juliette Paradise

Juliette Paradise

Product Manager, FindLaw

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