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How to Make Your Legal Blog Worth Reading


Watch this webcast to gain invaluable insights on maximizing your law firm’s blog to connect with current and future clients. You’ll learn how to strategically use your blog to build trust, demonstrate your knowledge and engage both current and prospective clients. Join us as we show you how to create a blog worth reading!

Topics include:

  • The importance of a great legal blog
  • Data-driven strategies to inform your content decisions
  • Connecting and engaging your clients


Alison Norman

Alison Norman

Senior Product Manager

Alison Norman manages FindLaw’s Engagement Solutions product line and has been deeply involved in FindLaw’s paid social media initiatives since their inception. Alison is a licensed attorney and spent several years practicing law and working in politics before joining FindLaw in 2011.

Hayley Scheuring

Hayley Scheuring

Digital Solutions Manager

Hayley Scheuring is a Manager at Findlaw and leads a team of talented  Content Marketers.  She holds a Masters in creative writing, has worked in marketing for 10 years, and is a zealous advocate for great content strategy. She believes the “sweet spot” for strategy lives in the intersection between compelling narratives and data-driven tactics.

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