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How targeted display advertising connects law firms and legal consumers at just the right moment

Event Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2024
Event Time: 01:00 PM CDT


The path legal consumers follow between experiencing a legal issue and hiring an attorney to address it is often meandering and highly variable from one consumer to the next. That’s because some consumers have a million questions, some have just a few, some are inclined to take action quickly and some need more time or information to make a decision. All of them are open to influence. All of them can be targeted with display advertising that introduces them to a relevant law firm at just the right moment.

To small law firms looking to gain new business, it can be enticing to cast the widest net possible — which can sometimes seem like the cheapest option, too — with advertising, and hope that by chance your net will snag at least a few relevant legal consumers. But what if you don’t want to leave things to chance? And what if it might take more than one encounter to sway a consumer in your direction? Display advertising that gives you pinpoint precision to target legal consumers across their journey on the way to a hiring decision is the answer.

In this webcast, we’ll explore:

  • Key findings from the latest Thomson Reuters U.S. Consumer Legal Needs survey

  • Understanding legal consumers based on where they are and what they’re doing online

  • How display advertising can be used to connect local law firms with their most desired prospective clients


Juliette Paradise

Juliette Paradise

Senior Product Manager

I’ve been in the digital marketing space since 2007. I got my start in SEO – writing on-site content and meta tags for small businesses across a very wide array of industries from raw materials suppliers to drop-shippers to all natural small batch skincare sellers. Has worked for FindLaw for 13 years. My deepest expertise lies in PPC and programmatic advertising. My deepest passion lies in connecting consumers with ads that instantly resonate with them. Nothing makes me happier than an ad tagline that stops you in your tracks.

Leah Gangl

Leah Gangl

Channel Development Specialist

Leah has worked for FindLaw for 11 years, and has held many positions including Digital Marketing Strategist, Product Manager and now a senior trainer on the Channel Advancement team. Creative thinker, passionate designer, loves to dig into what makes legal consumers tick.

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