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Packing a Punch:

How Smart Solo Firms Can up Their Marketing


As a solo attorney, you’re an entrepreneur with a do-it-all mentality. Managing caseloads, taking care of administrative tasks, and meeting client needs while running a small business are all in a day’s work. That leaves you with little time to do the work that is the lifeline to new business: marketing your firm.

An integrated digital marketing plan can help – and that isn’t just marketing gibberish. Integrated marketing tools, when used correctly, help your solo firm to effectively reach your prospective clients and compete with your larger counterparts. This can mean the difference between sink or swim in a difficult economy. 

In this webcast we’ll cover:

  • The way solo firms operate and their unique challenges
  • The truth about integrated digital marketing 
  • Four key ways to bring in new business while maintaining a personal life


Brandon Church

Brandon Church

National Digital Strategist, Thomson Reuters

Brandon Church has 15 years of digital marketing experience with a proven track record of helping companies reach their strategic goals. Brandon has been with FindLaw for the last 5 years specializing in working with Law Firms who have complex digital marketing needs. His guidance has led to millions of dollars in new case results which has helped these firms continue to grow and maximize their potential.

Mark Melago

Mark Melago

Senior Client Development Consultant, Thomson Reuters

Mark has a decade of sales and marketing experience, and he began my career with FindLaw in March of 2016. He works exclusively with attorneys and law firms in Pennsylvania to develop customized integrated marketing plans designed to address their needs and accomplish their goals. His clients appreciate working with him because of his commitment to helping them see a strong return on investment and being able to knowledgeably answer all their questions.

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