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Law Reviews: Information and Index

One of the things you begin to realize in law school is that the law is constantly evolving. Often it lags behind society, but it eventually catches up to bring some sense of order to previously ungoverned realms. So where do jurists and other policymakers look when deciding how to adjudicate these disputes of first impression? Often it's the same place that law students like you go to polish up resumes -- law reviews.

Law reviews are secondary sources that can help start important conversations in the broader legal community by providing historical context to legal issues on the horizon. They may address contemporary issues, such as the dischargeability of student loan debts in bankruptcy, or touch on far-fetched concepts like whether the Fourth Amendment applies in space. While not considered binding authority, they are certainly persuasive and even find their way into Supreme Court briefs (where it's especially important to ensure that they're properly cited). 

How Do Law Reviews Operate?

Most law schools have at least one law review or journal, and some house several different legal publications. While law reviews tend to have a broader focus, other law school journals tend to focus on specific areas of law, such as bankruptcy, international law, or intellectual property.

Typically, a law review is a platform for attorneys and practitioners to publish articles. However, many journals also provide opportunities for law students to publish their own articles, usually after taking part in the law review application process.

In order to participate in law review, you'll need to develop an unhealthy devotion to your Blue Book. First or second-year law students usually apply to law review by completing an editing exercise that's heavy on Blue Book knowledge. After that, many law reviews will require a substantive exercise, usually in the form of a student comment. If you're worried about adding another paper to your law school workload, remember that this could simply be a paper that you're already writing for another law school class -- the ultimate double dip!

Once you've completed the law review requirements, you may be given the opportunity to apply for an editorial position, typically held by third-year students. Some journals will hold a formal interview process for these positions, during which the staff will evaluate your past performance and reliability.

Prominent Law Reviews

To help you get acquainted with the law review community, a list of law reviews from law schools nationwide is provided below.

Law Review

Law School/Organization

Alaska Law Review

Duke University

Arizona Law Review

University of Arizona

Baylor Law Review

Baylor University Law School

Boston College Law Review

Boston College Law School

Boston University Law Review

Boston University Law School

Brigham Young University Law Review

Brigham Young University Law School

Brooklyn Law Review

Brooklyn Law School

Buffalo Law Review

State University of New York Buffalo Law School

California Law Review

U.C. Berkeley Law School

California Western Law Review

California Western Law School

Capital University Law Review

Capital University Law School

Cardozo Law Review

Yeshiva University Law School

Case Western Reserve Law Review

Case Western Reserve University Law School

Chapman Law Review

Chapman University Law School

Chicago-Kent Law Review

Chicago-Kent College of Law

Cleveland State Law Review

Cleveland Marshall College of Law

Clinical Law Review

New York University Law School

Columbia Law Review

Columbia Law School

Cornell Law Review

Cornell Law School

Creighton Law Review

Creighton University Law School

Cybaris®, an Intellectual Property Law Review Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Denver Law Review

University of Denver Law School

DePaul Law Review

DePaul University Law School

Drake Law Review

Drake University Law School

Law and Contemporary Problems

Duke University Law School

Emory Law Journal

Emory University Law School

Florida State University Law Review

Florida State University Law School

Fordham Law Review

Fordham Law School

George Mason Law Review

George Mason University Law School

George Washington Law Review

George Washington University Law School

Golden Gate University Law Review

Golden Gate University Law School

Gonzaga Law Review

Gonzaga University Law School

Mitchell Hamline Law Review

Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Harvard Law Review

Harvard Law School

Hastings Law Journal

U.C. Hastings Law School

Hofstra Law Review

Hofstra University Law School

Indiana Law Journal

Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Indiana Law Review

Indiana University McKinney School of Law

Iowa Law Review

University of Iowa Law School

John Marshall Law Review

John Marshall Law School

Kentucky Law Journal

University of Kentucky Law School

King's Student Law Review

King's College London Law School

Louisiana Law Review

Louisiana State University Law School

Loyola Law Review

Loyola Marymount University Law School, Los Angeles

Loyola University Chicago Law Journal

Loyola University Chicago Law School

Loyola University New Orleans Law Review

Loyola University New Orleans Law School

Maine Law Review

University of Maine School of Law

Marquette Law Review

Marquette University Law School

Maryland Law Review

University of Maryland School of Law

McGeorge Law Review

McGeorge School of Law

McGill Law Journal

McGill University

Mercer Law Review

Mercer University Law School

Michigan Law Review

University of Michigan Law School

Michigan State Law Review

Michigan State University Law School

Minnesota Law Review

University of Minnesota Law School

Mississippi College Law Review

Mississippi College Law School

Mississippi Law Journal

University of Mississippi Law School

Missouri Law Review

University of Missouri Law School

North Carolina Law Review

University of North Carolina

Northeastern University Law Journal

Northeastern University Law School

Northern Illinois University Law Review

Northern Illinois University Law School

Northwestern University Law Review

Northwestern University Law School

Ohio Northern University Law Review

Ohio Northern University Law School

Oklahoma Law Review

University of Oklahoma Law School

Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

Oxford University

Penn State Law Review

Pennsylvania State University Law School

Pepperdine Law Review

Pepperdine University Law School

Quinnipiac Law Review

Quinnipiac University Law School

Regent University Law Review

Regent University Law School

Rutgers University Law Review

Rutgers University Law School

San Diego Law Review

University of San Diego Law School

Seton Hall Law Review

Seton Hall University Law School

South Texas Law Review

South Texas College of Law

Southern California Law Review

University of Southern California

Southwestern Law Review

Southwestern Law School

St. John's Law Review

St. John's University Law School

St. Mary's Law Journal

St. Mary's Law School

Stanford Law Review

Stanford Law Review

Stetson Law Review

Stetson University College of Law

Syracuse Law Review

Syracuse University College of Law

Temple Law Review

Temple University Law School

Tennessee Law Review

University of Tennessee Law School

Texas A&M Law Review

Texas A&M University Law School

The Georgetown Law Journal

Georgetown University Law School

The New England Law Review

New England Law Boston

The University of Kansas Law Review

University of Kansas Law School

Thomas Goode Jones Law Review

Faulkner Law School

Thomas M. Cooley Law Review

Western Michigan University Law School

Touro Law Review

Touro College Law Center

Tulane University Law Review

Tulane University Law School

Tulsa Law Review

The University of Tulsa

UC Davis Law Review

UC Davis Law School

UCLA Law Review

UCLA Law School

University of Akron Law Review

University of Akron Law School

University of Alabama Law Review

University of Alabama Law School

University of Chicago Law Review

University of Chicago Law School

University of Cincinnati Law Review

University of Cincinnati Law School

University of Colorado Law Review

University of Colorado Law School

University of Connecticut Law Review

University of Connecticut Law School

University of Dayton Law Review

University of Dayton Law School

University of Florida Law Review

University of Florida Law School

University of Georgia Law Review

University of Georgia Law School

University of Hawaii Law Review

University of Hawaii Law School

University of Idaho Law Review

University of Idaho Law School

University of Miami Law Review

University of Miami Law School

University of Missouri- Kansas City Law Review

University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School

University of North Carolina Law Review

University of North Carolina School of Law

University of North Dakota Law Review

University of North Dakota Law School

University of Oregon Law Review

University of Oregon Law School

University of Pennsylvania Law Review

University of Pennsylvania Law School

University of Pittsburgh Law Review

University of Pittsburgh Law School

University of Richmond Journal of Law & Technology

University of Richmond Law School

University of South Carolina Law Review

University of South Carolina Law School

University of Texas Law Review

University of Texas Law School

University of Toledo Law Review

University of Toledo Law School

University of Virginia Law Review

University of Virginia Law School

University of Washington Law Review

University of Washington Law School

University of Wyoming Law Review

University of Wyoming Law School

Utah Law Review

University of Utah Law School

Vanderbilt University Law Review

Vanderbilt University Law School

Vermont Law Review

University of Vermont Law School

Villanova University Law Review

Villanova University Law School

Washburn University Law Journal

Washburn University Law School

Washington and Lee University Law Review

Washington and Lee University Law School

Washington University Journal of Law and Policy

Washington University Law School

Washington University Law Review

Washington University Law School

Wayne Law Review

Wayne State University Law School

West Virginia Law Review

West Virginia University Law School

Western New England Law Review

Western New England Law School

Willamette Law Review

Willamette Law School

William and Mary Law Review

William and Mary Law School

Wisconsin Law Review

University of Wisconsin Law School

Yale Law Journal

Yale Law School

Looking Ahead

Law school is a lot like exercising -- what you get out of it depends on what you put in. Law reviews are one way to not only build your experience and resume, they're also a great way to get plugged into the broader legal community. To learn more about law school and the steps you can take to advance your career, stay in tune with FindLaw for Law Students as your go-to guide to the legal profession.

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