9 Million Reasons to Choose the FindLaw Lawyer Directory

9 Million Reasons to Choose the FindLaw Lawyer Directory

Which lawyer directory should I choose for my firm?

You might expect us to say, “All of them” but the reality is, legal advertising isn’t that simple, and a shotgun approach isn’t exactly strategic. It’s true that the more listings you have, the more likely you are to be found. But it’s also true that online legal directories abound and that some may be a better fit than others.

If your firm is looking to reach the widest swath of legal consumers possible, then the FindLaw Lawyer Directory is where you should start.

Location. Location. Location.

Ever notice how there’s always that one gas station right near the airport rental car return? They understand the value of being where the customers are. Well with 9 million visitors to FindLaw.com each month, our lawyer directory is front and center among legal consumers.

And we mean consumers, not just casual web browsers. Sure, FindLaw.com is loaded with informative content that attracts users from all over the web, but the role legal directories play in the shopping process is well-documented. In fact, the 2015 U.S. Legal Consumer Survey showed that fully 45 percent of legal consumers use a directory to find an attorney or law firm. (Read more about today’s legal consumer in our white paper.) With so many people looking to legal directories for assistance, advertising here is an easy decision.

Turn clicks into calls.

Another benefit of advertising on one of the largest conduits to this market is that the FindLaw Lawyer Directory converts. By tapping into the FindLaw network, many of our own clients have seen traffic from the FindLaw Lawyer Directory convert at a rate two and a half times higher than that of Google searches. While your results may vary, that’s powerful evidence that legal consumers on our directory are ready to take action.

With all of the advertising options available to law firms, it pays to know which channels will deliver which results. So if your firm is ready to reach one of the biggest collections of legal consumers on the web, contact us today.

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