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The long-term success of every law firm often relies on building a strong brand and bringing that brand to life via marketing. But branding and marketing are especially critical for divorce lawyers, whose practices center on fostering a sense of connection and trust with prospective divorce clients.

Divorce is one of the most stressful life events that a person can go through. Emotions are running high throughout the process, and there’s a lot of general anxiety and fear around everything from custody matters and finances to the future and what life will look like post-divorce.

While individuals who are contemplating filing for divorce — or have a spouse who already filed — need the advice and assistance of a legal expert to help them navigate the divorce process, they also need much more. They need to feel like the attorney they hire is empathetic and truly understands what they’re going through. They also need to feel comfortable enough with their attorney to really be open and share the personal details of their lives. This is the very intimate nature of divorce that makes marketing even more critical for divorce lawyers and law firms.

Let’s look at three effective marketing tactics your firm can implement to reach, connect, and build trust with legal consumers who are facing divorce.

1. Upgrade your client intake process

According to the 2023 U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey, the majority of legal consumers are highly motivated. In fact, 17% of respondents took action and made the decision to hire an attorney within one day and 39% did so within one week. These statistics prove that most legal consumers move quickly to find, vet, and ultimately hire the attorney or law firm that stood out.

This means that by the time a legal consumer calls or contacts your firm, they’ve already done their homework and are likely ready to hire your firm. But if you don’t answer the phone or provide a quick and easy way for them to connect with you, they’ll quickly move on to the next best law firm. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your firm implements a call answering service, live chat, or a click-to-call feature. These types of technologies can ensure your firm never misses a call and prompt you to quickly follow up on hot leads.

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2. Use content marketing to demonstrate your experience

Another excellent way for divorce attorneys and law firms to connect with legal consumers in need is to create unique, relevant, and helpful content that positions your firm as a go-to resource. For example, publishing blog posts to your website on topics such as “5 divorce dos and don’ts,” “A divorce checklist,” and “Talking to kids about divorce” showcases your firm’s knowledge and experience and gets search engines’ attention.

Additionally, your firm can repurpose and use content from blogs on social media and even create videos to help prospective clients get to know your firm better and how you’ll help them navigate the divorce process. Plus, investing time and resources in content marketing pays dividends down the road as you’ll continue to increase your firm’s online visibility and connect with even more potential clients.

Every year, FindLaw’s online legal directories are visited an estimated 130 million times — and legal consumers who visit,,, and are three times more likely to hire an attorney than those who search on Google alone. These compelling statistics make sense when you consider that legal directories are one of the best ways to put your law firm directly in front of individuals who are actively looking for legal advice and help.

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