Reach the Demographic of the Future: The Spanish-Speaking Market

Reach the Demographic of the Future: The Spanish-Speaking Market

The Spanish-speaking market in the U.S. is growing, and growing fast. Can your firm speak these legal consumers’ language?

For the most part, this isn’t referring to their actual spoken language.  As you know, most of these consumers are bilingual.  In addition to the language, your firm needs to be able to speak to and reach this demographic with distinct cultural habits. And while having Spanish-speaking staff is helpful, knowing the language isn’t the same as knowing the market. Even if your firm already serves Spanish-speaking clients, you might not be reaching that market as well as you could.

Why appeal to Spanish-speaking legal consumers? That’s where the opportunity is. Spanish speakers hold the most buying power of any minority group in the U.S., with a combined purchasing capacity of $1.7 trillion by 2020. And that market’s not solely in the big cities. Smaller metros and even many exurban and rural areas are experiencing substantial growth in Spanish-speaking residents. In fact, these non-urban markets may well represent a wealth of untapped opportunity.

For any kind of law firm that wants to build its business, this is the target market of the future.

Want to tap into it?, FindLaw’s online directory for the Spanish-speaking market, has been designed to help you do just that.

Why a legal directory targeting this emerging market?

Consider the insights garnered in a recent FindLaw report, “No More Guessing: What Motivates Spanish-Speaking Consumers to Hire an Attorney.” (This report is available free of charge.) “No More Guessing” cites a couple of particularly notable behaviors of Spanish-language legal consumers:

  • They have a distinct preference for mobile phone usage. They’re also almost twice as likely as other legal consumers to use social media when searching for an attorney.
  • Spanish-speaking legal consumers have higher direct-to-search tendencies when looking for legal help. According to the FindLaw 2017 U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey, only 14 percent of Spanish-speaking legal consumers said they planned to handle their situation on their own. That’s less than half the rate of all legal consumers.

These aren’t blanket preferences, of course. Some Spanish-speaking consumers do indeed look into their case rather than going straight to hiring an attorney, for instance. As with any demographic segment, groups of people are not monoliths. There are plenty of variations among individual consumers that will break any generalizations you try to apply to them as a whole.

Still, FindLaw research has identified some useful general patterns, and this next one is particularly important for those law firms interested in serving the Spanish-language market.

Spanish-speaking consumers are more apt to search via legal directories than legal consumers in general. According to FindLaw’s 2017 consumer survey, nearly half of Spanish-speaking consumers used a legal directory to find an attorney. Forty-seven percent of this group reported that they searched for an attorney on a legal directory – six percentage points higher than what legal consumers indicated as a whole.

And that’s where comes in.

Let’s start with the basics: is a Spanish-language website that hosts a legal directory and resources section. The site uses a mobile-first design – as befits the preference of most Spanish-speaking legal consumers to use their mobile device when searching for legal help. Additionally, Abogado’s unmatched reach toward Spanish-language consumers in general means that attorneys aiming to serve Spanish-speaking clients should make haste to list their firms on is More Than a Directory

It’s also a legal resource. It includes a legal information resource section with Spanish-language articles addressing a variety of legal practice areas. Content like this helps reach and educate Spanish-speaking legal consumers who have legal questions or are facing legal issues. provides information – sometimes very specific information – that helps these consumers better understand the issues they’re facing.

It’s the kind of information people need to make more informed choices about their need for legal representation. As you can imagine, the resources and articles available on can attract Spanish-speaking consumers, sometimes before they even realize they need legal representation. For consumers who realize that their issue requires legal representation, the content and design of these resources makes it easy for consumers to find help near them in the applicable practice area.

All an attorney has to do is secure their position on

Whether you’re already serving the Spanish-language market or intend to do so in the future, now is the time to get your firm listed on Get started by speaking with a FindLaw representative. Remember, Spanish-speaking legal consumers are already looking. Will they find you?


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