Three Tips to Market Your Solo Firm and Still Have Time To Enjoy Your Life

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Being a solo attorney doesn’t have to mean spending every hour working. But it may seem like it, right? You obviously have cases to manage, but then there’s the paperwork, the billing and the marketing that needs attention as well. And what about your child’s ballet lesson on Tuesday night?

One of the main struggles solo attorneys face is the constant need for new prospects and new cases. It keeps even the best up at night, wondering if they’re taking the right amount of consultations or if their firm’s name is finding its way in front of the right people.

Luckily, the internet has made the pathway for solo law firms to connect with legal consumers smoother – but actually executing marketing that works is another story. From social media to search engine optimization, there’s a lot to keep track of while running your firm and trying to make it home in time for dinner.

To help you get there, we’ve gathered the top three tips from fellow solo firms:

Don’t be intimidated

Marketing can seem scary, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have much experience. The good news is you’re in the same boat with most other solo firms, because you “went to school to be an attorney, not a website developer,” says solo attorney Lauren Clark.

But what sets the successful ones apart is that they all are eager to tackle the challenge. They are not hesitant to get their hands dirty with tactics like posting on social media or trying to start their own legal blog.

Teaching yourself about marketing is the same as any learning process: start with the easy stuff then build on your knowledge once you have a good foundation.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources at your disposal to get educated on the basics like a simple website to information on SEO and paid search advertising.

Find a routine

Solo firms thrive on consistent habits to run efficiently. One way to make marketing easier for you is to create a weekly routine that will help you manage the time it takes to do it effectively. Are there days you have down time? Use that half-hour to see what online reviewers are saying about your firm, respond to Facebook messages or plan next week’s blog post.

It’s hard to stay on schedule, so don’t fret if you get a little behind or miss an hour here and there every week. Once you start developing consistency it will become second nature. Reminders always help when you’re starting out on a new marketing plan, so put a few in your phone. Just a couple of pop ups throughout the week can keep you from forgetting your marketing work.

Know when to delegate

Take blog posts for example. You could probably sit down and take the time tonight to write a blog post that helps consumers understand a particular legal situation. But do you know how to optimize your content? Share it on social? Promote it? While writing the post may be easy, it takes a lot of learning to understand SEO and implement it in a way that readers will find your post organically.

The same goes with pay-per-click ads and paid social media. Both can be an efficient and cost effective way of getting your firm in front of consumers who are looking for an attorney. You can certainly try both on your own, but it could become expensive if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, how to budget or where to find your target demographic.

Your professional time is valuable, but so is your time away from the job. Solo attorneys often feel like the work/life balance is tipping too far in one direction, because they need to be an expert on so many things that don’t pertain to law. Leaning on the skills of a vendor who has legal marketing experience will not only clear your plate, but do it in a way that keeps your law firm top of mind to consumers who need you.

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