Why invest in a Spanish PPC consultant?

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Right now, Hispanic Americans have over $1.7 trillion in purchasing power. By 2060, there will be more than 100 million Hispanic Americans. It is a powerful growing market, and you need to ensure that the Spanish-speaking members of your community can find you when they need legal help.

Additionally, according to our study of the Hispanic market, Spanish-speaking consumers pay 20% more attention to online ads than those who only speak English, and 80% of them prefer Spanish-language web content. A Spanish-speaking PPC consultant can put your firm in front of this market with targeted and customized paid advertising.

Get custom advertising for the Spanish-speaking market

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to appear in search results for specific keywords you pay for in your market. This allows you to target niche legal topics, using the same words your potential clients are using to search for legal services online.

When you work with a Spanish-speaking consultant, you can have an even more customized approach. This includes using:

  • Local dialect: The Spanish of Spain is not the same as the Spanish of Venezuela. While each version of the language is similar, there are also nuanced differences that your customers will notice. To truly target your customers, you want to ensure that you work with a PPC expert who truly knows how to speak your target customers’ language.
  • Clear messaging: Google translate can be fine for some quick translations. But do you really want to leave your brand in the hands of a machine? By working with a PPC consultant who knows how to write PPC ads in Spanish, you can rest assured that your branding and messaging are clear for consumers in the language they speak.
  • Market expertise: The Spanish-speaking market is unique and differs in slight — but important — ways from the English-speaking legal market in the U.S. You need to work with a professional who understands these differences and can leverage them to your advantage in paid advertising campaigns.

Why work with FindLaw?

At FindLaw, we understand the Spanish-speaking market and we know law firm marketing. Our marketing experts have worked with thousands of attorneys across the United States, and we have dedicated Spanish-speaking PPC consultants who can help you create custom campaigns in your market.

Additionally, our PPC consultants are Google Premier Partners and Bing Partners with the in-depth knowledge needed to fully leverage the power of paid advertising on those platforms.

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