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FindLaw is dedicated to making legal information and community on the Internet easy to find. We have developed several features with this goal in mind, including:

  • The FindLaw Guide to Internet legal resources. This comprehensive guide includes links to resources in over 30 practice areas, case law and codes, legal associations, law schools, law reviews, and more!
  • The LawCrawler - an innovative search tool powered by the AltaVista(tm) search engine and database that provides precision by enabling searches to be focused on sites with legal information and within specific domains.
  • Cases & Codes - search our growing library of case law, including Supreme Court Decisions, and selected state codes.
  • Law Review Search & Services From FindLaw, you can search law reviews with full text articles online. We also coordinate the University Law Review Project, which distributes law review articles in 32 different subject areas via e-mail.
  • Legal News the latest legal news updated throughout the day and night.
  • Firms Online free Web site design and hosting for the Legal Community.
  • JusticeMail free e-mail for the legal community.
  • Message Boards ongoing discussion of legal topics and careers.
  • LegalMinds searchable archive of legal mailing lists.
  • FindLaw Business & Finance stock quotes, real time SEC filings and other business and financial information.
  • The FindLaw Consumer Center - contains thousands of articles and resources in scores of categories to help consumers deal with a wide range of legal issues as well as contact information for national consumer organizations. Also guides consumers through the process of hiring a lawyer and provides information about the legal system and resolving disputes with lawyers.
  • The FindLaw Small Business Center includes essential, information on starting, financing, managing and marketing a small business, including step-by-step checklists, model business plans, legaland other business forms, other business documents, and the latest legaland business news.
  • The FindLaw Government Information Center - contains a guide to U.S. Congress and state legislatures, including contact information, committee information and more, as well as House and Senate schedules and a representative locator.
  • FindLaw Online MCLE Lawyers can earn participatory continuing legal education credit by surfing theInternet with FindLaw's interactive courses.
  • FindLaw Specialty Sites:

FindLaw History

FindLaw began in 1995 as a list of Internet resources compiled for a workshop of the Northern California LawLibrarians. Its founders were Stanford engineering graduate student Timothy Stanley and attorney Stacy Stern. The response to the material was so positive that the team decided to post it on a Web page so that others could use it as well. In January 1996, FindLaw was launched, and it continues to grow in scope as well as in popularity. FindLaw has won several honors and awards since its inception. We continuously improve and update the FindLaw site (we update the site multiple times each day).

The University Law Review Project with full text search of the law reviews on the Internet and the abstract mailing lists are services which we have undertaken with the Coalition of Online Journals.This coalition is dedicated to increasing the dissemination of legalscholarship on the Internet. It includes law review editors and law professors from throughout the world. We encourage others to join this organization.

Stanford Digital Libraries Project and the Project on People Computers and Design of the Stanford Computer Science Department have been very helpful in making the law review project a success.

We would also like to thank Yahoo! for creating an inspirational site that sets the standard for Web guide interface design.

If you have any links you would like added to FindLaw please e-mail us. We are especially on the outlook for law journals and survey papers on areas of the law. We also welcome comments and suggestions for improvements.

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