The family law consumer: Understanding, attracting, and capturing your ideal client

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Understanding the family law client

Attracting family law clients

How to capture your ideal client

Family law clients share many traits with legal clients at large, but the characteristics that set them apart are significant enough to merit a special and specific marketing approach. If you’re a solo attorney or small law firm aiming to attract family law clients, this blog post is designed for you. We’ll uncover key strategies to better understand, attract, and engage family law clients who are actively seeking the specialized legal representation you provide. 

Understanding the family law client

Year after year, FindLaw performs research on what consumers with a legal need want and how they go about finding it. A majority of consumers primarily use the internet to gather information about their issue and visit two to five different attorney websites before deciding to contact one. Unlike most legal consumers, family law consumers want a more personal aspect to the attorney-client relationship. They want to know that their attorney understands their situation and can provide a degree of empathy and emotional sophistication.

For attorneys who want to work with family law clients, this means branding is very important. Rather than rehashing your resume, talk about your approach to working with people and how you handle their very delicate and sensitive matters. You’ll want to emphasize your track record with clients in similar situations and explain that you handle matters thoughtfully and with compassion.

Don’t express that message in one place and think you’re done. Instead, share it everywhere you have the opportunity — on your website, social media channels, in any printed brochures or flyers, or in your biography for speaking engagements. The more places you highlight your brand, the more likely it is to be seen by the right person — in this case, a potential client with a family law need.

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Attracting family law clients

One of the primary distinguishing factors of family law clients is that they are eager for informative material that will help them understand what they are facing. That makes sense when you remember that in most cases, family law clients are in a situation they did not expect to find themselves in and are unsure of how to proceed.

If you are interested in attracting family law clients, it would be a good idea to give them what they are looking for. Regularly posting blogs, for example, gives you the chance to publish a series of informative posts that could help a reader develop confidence and see the attorney behind the blog as a trusted source. Longform pieces like white papers take more time to create, but they also offer the same benefit.  

Some attorneys have qualms about providing free information to prospective clients, but keep in mind that it can help potential clients gain a sense of the bigger picture. Plus, offering your expertise upfront gives you a chance to generate goodwill while expanding and enhancing your practice’s image. 

How to capture your ideal client

Recent FindLaw research shows that more than 7 in 10 legal consumers reach out via phone when contacting an attorney. For family law clients, it’s easy to understand why phone calls are preferred. No one wants to discuss a possible divorce where others can hear; they’d rather do it when they have some degree of privacy. For many people, that degree of privacy can come at unusual times, even outside of the typical 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work hours for attorneys.

If you want to make sure you capture your clients whenever they reach out to you, a call-answering service or web chat feature would be worth the investment. These always-on services help people feel responded to, and FindLaw research has shown that’s often enough to keep them from searching for another attorney. Furthermore, these tools give you time to respond adequately and can help you maintain some degree of work-life balance.

Pulling it all together

Ultimately, the best thing you can do to draw in more family law clients is to be the kind of attorney they want to hire. If you brand yourself appropriately, provide them with the material they’re seeking, and make it easy for them to contact you at their convenience, you will be in the best position possible.

Interested in learning more about branding your small or solo law firm? Download our free guide on brand building strategies and tune in to our on-demand branding webcast featuring digital marketing experts from the FindLaw team. 

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