Resources to start, run and grow your own solo law firm​​

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So you’ve decided to go solo (or already are!)

Maybe you’re looking to establish a general legal practice or be more specialized and niche. Or maybe you’re at a point where you feel like you’re drowning, and stale files are keeping you up at night. No matter where you’re at, what you most likely want is an informed decision for your future or current-state solo attorney life — and we’re glad you’re here.

That’s why we’ve created this curated resource page dedicated to helping solo law firms succeed. Pick from a diverse range of helpful resourcesfrom webcasts and marketing tools to case studies and websites to help you start, run, and grow your solo law firm. We understand the need for a viable work-life balance, so we included those resources as well. 

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icon-map  Starting a solo law firm

These helpful blogs provide you with tips on how to start your own solo practice. Get tips, advice and personal stories from successful solo practitioners so you can focus on what you do best – practice law.


5 things to consider when starting your own firm

Starting a solo practice from scratch

Words of wisdom for attorneys considering a solo career

Law firm growth calculator

Set your goals. Boost your bottom line.

  Marketing resources

Too many lawyers share mixed experiences with digital marketing. More often than not, we think it’s due to lack of industry knowledge and experience. 

In short, it’s about understanding not only your own needs and goals as a lawyer, but also understanding legal consumers and their needs, behaviors, and more. From search engine optimization and paid search to content marketing and social media, our resources on these topics have you covered. 


Solo practitioner DIY marketing tips

3 questions your firm should ask before hiring a marketing vendor

Questions for Legal Marketing Vendor

Integrated marketing for solo firms

Musical notes

3 tips to market your solo firm and still have time to enjoy your life

smiling family banner for blog post

4 reasons why attorneys need a blog

Hands of white male typing on laptop.

Client acquisition strategies for the solo practitioner

Playbook – Differentiating your solo firm in a crowded marketplace

Solo attorney’s website checklist

Solo Attorney Website Checklist

Taking your solo firm’s website to the next level

Branding tips and positioning tools for solo attorneys

Solo attorney at work in nice clean bright office.

icon-case study  Case studies

Case studies are a great resource for solo attorneys because they provide a detailed analysis of how different strategies have been applied in actual practices. Gain valuable insights about how to better approach your management style and business plan.

Plus, learn from others’ successes and failures from a broad range of practice types. 


Growing a solo law firm with smart legal directory advertising

Case Study: Growing a Solo Law Firm with Smart Legal Directory Advertising

Lauren Clark Law Office

lauren clark banner

The Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe

The Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe banner

icon-webcasts  Webcasts

Webcasts are an effective way to learn about running your own firm because they provide you with real-time access to experts in the field. They’re often interactive and allow you to ask questions and receive direct feedback from an expert.


How solo firms can improve their marketing

Attorney at desk looking at smartphone and working on laptop


FindLaw Webcasts

FindLaw is a pioneer and innovator in marketing solutions for law firms and lawyers.


icon-trees   Work-life balance

We hope that every solo attorney strives for a healthy work-life balance – it’s absolutely vital to be successful in the long run.

Why? Because taking time away from work to spend with family, engage in leisure activities, and simply relax are all essential for maintaining energy and focus. Yet too many lawyers fail to prioritize this area. Here are some articles to get you started:


How solo law firms can prioritize work-life balance and still remain profitable

Solo attorney in a modern office looking at a large computer monitor

How to keep the work-life balance scales level

4 ways to stay healthy while managing your solo practice

4 Ways to Stay Healthy While Managing Your Solo Practice

FindLaw marketing guide

Solo attorneys face the difficult challenge of running their law firm while also managing a host of personal and professional priorities.

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